Things I Wish I Knew Before Coming to Taiwan

There are some things that I wish I'd known before coming to Taiwan on my mission. This might be helpful for missionaries who have gotten their call and are wondering what to pack.

1) Clothes: Taiwan has a BUNCH of really cheap clothes. I wish I hadn't brought so much of my own clothes. I would've just brought maybe 5 skirts and bought more skirts here in Taiwan (enough for the MTC). Then I wouldn't have so much clothes to carry around. It also gets pretty cold here in the winter. It doesn't snow but because of the humidity, it feels like it should start snowing, especially when you've spent the summer in Taiwan and it suddenly becomes winter. I had to use scarves, gloves, leggings, and boots during the winter. And again, you can buy all those things here.

2) Shoes: I would've just brought a pair of running shoes and missionary shoes and bought more shoes here as well. The shoes are so cute and pretty cheap here.

3) Rain gear: Taiwan has all the rain gear you need.

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