Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Exciting Week

Dearest Family,

Okay, I'm not really sure what's going on, but we did get another 2 apostles come and talk to us...Elder Perry and Elder Bednar! Craaazyyy! The Second Coming must be soon! ;)  I don't know why we're getting so many general authorities, but it's such a blessing. Maybe it's because the Lord knows that this group of missionaries is going to need as much encouragement as we can get.

Here are some more exciting, fun news. Two weeks ago, the Director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco came to visit our class. Basically, if the Church ever has VISA problems, he's the guy to go to.  So hopefully we impressed him enough that our VISAs will come in a timely manner and we can leave the MTC when we're supposed to so we can get to Taiwan already :)  Also, this Wednesday NPR (National Public Radio) is coming to our class. We will be aired on the "All Things Considered" segment. Apparently they're coming mainly to interview us sisters and the fact that there are so many sister missionaries now. Hopefully we don't mess this up...kidding!  Actually, it's a really big deal we had to practice some questions with Bro. Christensen, who's in charge of Operations at the MTC.  And also the Air Force's Lead Chaplain is coming later on Wednesday.  So our district is pretty blessed but we carry a lot of weight on our shoulders.  Haha.  It's exciting though :)  This is surely an MTC experience that I'll never forget and is so different than any other missionary's experience.

So spiritual experiences this week?  Why yes, of course!  With Elder Perry and Elder Bednar visiting and talking to the missionaries, I was so spiritually uplifted.

-Sister Perry reminded us that we have no choice whether we go and see our Father in Heaven or not.  That is a gift we've been given because of our Savior's Resurrection.  But we do have a choice on where we get to live.  As a missionary, I'm giving others this chance to know that they have a choice as well.

-Elder Perry shared something so special with: "Learning to deal with living with a companion is the very element that will ensure me a successful mission."  I thought about this and wondered why.  I've concluded that as we learn to be more Christ-like, we learn to love everyone around us.  And I've heard that at the end of my mission, the one question that I'll be asked is, "How have I come unto Christ?"  If I can answer that I have learned to love my companion, then I'll be happy.  There is power in companions and it is essential.  It is the Lord's way to take the gospel to His people.

Before I talk about Elder Bednar, who came yesterday, I'll share a funny story first.  So Sunday dinner President Roach, a counselor in the MTC Presidency, and his wife sat and ate dinner with us.  As we were talking, he almost mentioned who was coming to our Sunday Devotional.  Then he says, "I'll tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."  And my reply was, "Okay, it must be good!  Are you excited?!"  All he said was that he was thrilled.  As we entered the gym and sat down.  President Roach made eye contact with me from the stands and just gave me a smile and a thumbs up.  We then proceeded with our devotional.  President Nally announced that we would be watching a devotional broadcast entitled the "Character of Christ" which was given by Elder Bednar a few years ago at a Christmas Devotional.  At the end of that address, guess who walks in the auditorium?!  Elder Bednar and Sister Bednar!!!  I just about fainted...Haha.  But anyway, he did a Question and Answer with us missionaries.

Because it was a Q&A, I'd like to share some things from it among the many that I've learned.

-We receive spiritual gifts because God trusts us to be at a specific place at the right time and because through us, God can bless others.  There are so many spiritual gifts that He gives us.  To name a few, there's Christ-like love and patience. I know that being on a mission allows me to earn those special gifts the Lord wants to give me in order to bless His other children.

-Because I'm learning a language...specifically Mandarin, I've been compelled to be humbled.  I've been compelled to fall to my knees and pray for the Gift of Tongues so that others can be blessed to me.  Trust me, I have never prayed so hard in my life.  It's tough.  And that's what's so great about it.  It knocks me down and requires that I be more humble and rely more on my God.

Love you all!  I'm so grateful for your prayers!
Sister Sagisi
I just have one picture this week.  I just wanted to show you a picture of the tulips on the MTC.  I'm not too sure what they're feeding them, but because the MTC is a holy place, maybe even the tulips are spiritually fed as well.  Look how tall they are!!!

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