Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy June!!!

Dearest Family,

The MTC can be very routine after a while...especially after being here for 7 weeks! We start our 8th week on Wednesday. How crazy! About 15 more days and then we'll be headed to Taiwan! I'm just soo excited for that!

So another apostle came this week! That now makes 7 apostles (including Pres. Uchtdorf). We had the privilege of hearing from Elder Nelson and Sister Nelson at our Tuesday Devotional. Before I go on and talk about their comments to us, I'd just like to say that I know that I was meant to wait 4 and a half months before reporting on my mission. Only now am I learning why I needed to wait that long. Hearing all these apostles and leaders of the church, visiting the Sacred Gifts Exhibition at the BYU Museum of Arts, having all these VIP MTC visits, my district, my zone, I just know that I'm supposed to be here right now. I know that I'll quickly learn of more reasons of the Lord's timing once I get to Taiwan.

So I loved what Elder and Sister Nelson shared with us. One of the things I loved was improving my understanding of "desperation." Sister Nelson shared that desperation is a key of success on my mission and I suppose also in life. "When we are desperate, things change." At times of desperation, we are willing to do everything it takes. We are more loving, humble, teachable, etc. We are also more willing to get down to our knees and plead with our Father in Heaven.  Don't be afraid of these moments of desperation!

I'm really starting to love teaching. All we do is teach (and learn of course). The best part is teaching in Mandarin! Haha. As my companion and I were role playing this week, we were running out of time so the teacher who was shadowing us told us to just use English because we didn't have much time left. And guess what? It was the hardest thing trying to teach in English! What a mini miracle! I guess when teaching in English is a struggle, you know that's a good sign.

We're so excited to have a new district in our zone. Wooh! It's really nice to see new faces around, especially when it's just the same people we see on our floor. But I think they're really awesome and they are so excited to be here. They just push me to work harder. We welcome the new district! We have Sister Hill, Sister Belnap, Sister Jex, Sister Walker, Elder Francis, Elder Karlinsey, Elder Nixon, and Elder Okeson.

Until next week! We should be getting our flight plans this week! So excited!
Love you all,
Sister Sagisi
Xia JieMei

"Discipleship is a path of holiness and happiness. It is becoming our best self." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

 They are the pics of NPR and the Air Force Lead Chaplain.

 I got a DearElder package from Sister Ayala!  :D

 And they were delicious cinnamon rolls! We loooove them!

 Just eating more cinnamon rolls!

 These are the records for gym. I spy my name...  ;)  The old record was at 80...I thought that 121 was a good number so I stopped there...haha. But in all honesty, I couldn't go any more.

 We get a certificate too. Just if you were curious, it was 50 lbs at 121 reps.

 Some of our new sisters!

 The flowers bloomed!

 All the sisters in Branch 25!!!

...And some elders...  We love em!

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