Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Farewell Guishan

Dear Mommy,

Saturday, during Daily Planning Session, we get this unanticipated call from our zone leader. Move calls!!! I found out that I'll be leaving Guishan. That's all they tell you. We find out on Tuesday at the transfer meeting. At the transfer meeting all the missionaries who are leaving their areas and their companions all go to the chapel across the Mission Office in Taipei. We all sit together and Pres. Day has a projector set up. He announces the areas and he announces who is with who. It really is a big party!!! But this time, I'm not too sure how big it will be because the new missionaries who are supposed to come from the MTC haven't gotten their VISAS yet. So we're praying for them.

Here is a portion of my letter to Pres. Day:This week was another speechless week here in Guishan. The Lord is just blessing with so much success. With the notice that I'll be leaving Guishan, we were all surprised but it felt right. I did not expect it, especially since everyone thought that Sis. Koch would be leaving, but I feel ready. I made Guishan my home. I truly grew here. I admittedly gave it my all. When I came on-island, I had a firm mindset that I will leave all of my areas better than how I found it. The feeling of satisfaction and love that I have from serving here in Guishan for the past 13 weeks are indescribable. I'm so grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to build other areas.

This past week, we've just been having days of miracles. One miracle occurred on Friday when we were contacting down Zhongxing Rd. It was afternoon and people seemed very chill. Well, in one situation we get completely rejected. All we said was "hello" and he immediately turned another way to walk around us. As we kept walking, a few minutes later we run into this girl who says, "I know that church" We later find out that she was baptized. And out of her mouth comes these words, "I know this church is true." Then she said that her mom also believes and knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet. It's that her grandfather or grandmother is a Protestant church member and doesn't want them to go to another church. She gave us her number, address, and we set up a time to visit their house. As she left, she said that her mom will be so excited. When she was out of sight, Sis. Koch and I screamed for joy!

Later that night, we were still searching for a peike. We were calling all day and it was a hard time because everyone is attending the YSA Conference and the guy we were meeting with is a university student. Well after trying our best, we called our WML who also called everyone for us. With no luck, he told us that we have one more option and gave us her number. We called her and no answer. We said a prayer to know what to do because we really wanted to meet with him and it was our first lesson that we'd have. And lo and behold, right as we said "amen" a few seconds later, she calls us back and we ended up having a wonderful lesson with a member present!

Yesterday was my last Sunday in Tao-1 ward. It was perfect. We had 2 LAs at church through our efforts and 1 investigator at church. And best of all, they were a part-family! I wrote about meeting the two daughters last week and having our RS president peike their lesson. They also committed to coming to church. And our RS president got in contact with their mom and invited her to church as well. The best part is that they all came!

Yes. Yesterday was my last Sunday in this wonderful ward. So as we got settled in and sat down for sacrament meeting. The first counselor, Bro. Liao explains the program. And he says in Chinese, "We'd like to thank Sis. Sagisi for serving here. She will be moving and we'd like to give her an opportunity for her to bear her testimony." WHAT?! Haha. Yes, my Chinese got so good because I understand that part. Well, it was an honor to bear my testimony to such a wonderful ward. And my Chinese improved so much from that first Sunday I shared my testimony with them. ;)

I want to quote a recent RM, Bro. Liao, who served in Melbourne, Australia, who spoke in Sacrament yesterday. "What do I keep on going when it's so hard? Because I do not want these souls to perish."

Every soul is precious. Let's go save them!

Love you! I can't wait to see where I am called to serve next.
Sister Sagisi

Sister Ma and Sister Chen. Sister Ma has been so good to me! She paid to fix my inner tube for my bike! Her daughter is serving at Temple Square so if anyone is going there, go say hi to her for me!!!

This is delicious! I still don't know what it's called!

Asian babies are the cutest! He didn't want to smile though.

Tao-3 Sisters! Love them!

Our investigator and her son came to English Party!!!

The District. Tao-1 District.

More BBQ!

What that? Chicken butt. It's quite good.

BBQ! Happy Mid-autumn festival!

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