Sunday, September 21, 2014

It Takes Everyone to Get'er Done

Dear Mommy!

I'm sorry, this is going to be long because I have so much to say!!!

So I am in the Central Zone, Wanda District, Datong Area!!!! I am in the heart of Taipei! And I absolutely love it here! I would have never thought I would be in the city. It's so different than being in Taoyuan, which is very industrial, but I love it so much! We meet so many people and often times, the lessons that we have on the street are people who don't live in our area. They come here for work or to visit. It's nice to send out referrals to other missionaries in Taiwan and answer their prayers in hopes of receiving a referral. I've met people from the Philippines, Honduras, South America, England, Japan, Singapore, and more! My Spanish comes in handy ;) My Tagalog does too, but only enough to start a conversation, haha.

My companion is Sister Smith! She is from Salt Lake City and believe it or not, we attended BYU together last fall. But she was a freshman and we didn't know each other. She is two transfers ahead of me. She was supposed to train this transfer but her trainee didn't come yet because of VISA problems. So her trainee is still somewhere in America because they had to leave the MTC so they got relocated. But whenever those missionaries get their VISAS, I'm getting a new companion and will be transferred out. The hard thing about it is that we don't know when they are coming. It could be next week or it could be after this transfer. I love her so much and I love this place!

I'm also in the same zone as Sister Roy!!!! The Lord is so kind to me that he allowed me to be closer to my best friend! We had Outdoor Zone Conference on Wednesday and we had training while hiking a mountain. It was soo fun!

Mosiah 15:16 And again, how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those that are still publishing peace!

I have beautiful feet :) My mission president and his wife are some of the most amazing people that I have ever met.

Here is a portion from my letter to Pres. Day:
On Tuesday after Transfer Meeting, Sister Smith and I went straight to work! She asked me what I liked to do and I without question said, "Finding!" And she told me, perfect because that's what we really need to do. We went out finding that same day and ended the day with 7 lessons. The next day, we went out finding again. The Lord this time allowed us to fulfill our goal of 8 lessons. I just kept thinking, "is everyone in Datong this nice?" It seemed like everyone we talked to wasn't in a rush to leave and was willing to listen to us. One miracle that we had was in the last 30 minutes of contacting this day. We made a goal that on our way back home, we'd talk to everyone who passed us and hopefully have 2 more lessons to reach our goal of 8 lessons that day. And as previously mentioned, the Lord provided us with people who would listen to us.

The following days were a little harder. Many people wouldn't even stop to listen to us. But those first two days that we had together just boosted our confidence and gave us the strength to press forward through those rejections.

On Thursday, we went out right before Weekly Planning to go contacting and were looking for a place to eat lunch. We followed our stomach and our senses which told us that we were really hungry but wanted to find a convenient place where we didn't have to rush home to start WPS on time. So we decided to just eat in the place right under our apartment. As we sat down, this guy, Jerry Cheng, comes up to us and asks us if we are Mormons. We showed him the Book of Mormon and he was so excited. He said that he had just finished reading a book called "Spectacular Grace" by a Mormon author, Adam Miller, I think is his name. And the next book he wanted to read was "Letters to a Young Mormon Boy." We ended up giving him the Book of Mormon and having a lesson. He asked if he could use the Book of Mormon as a reference to the two books. We laughed and said, "no, it doesn't work that way." Well, he was blown away at the coincidence that he just finished reading the book and he meets two missionaries. We got his number and had him add us on Facebook so we can schedule a time to meet. He's a university professor so he's really busy.
Pictures this week:

My last FHE in Guishan. Sister Wu made this food for my going away FHE.

Bro. Huang was one of my favorite investigators. He has a baptismal date for 10/18!!! Pray for him  to overcome his Word of Wisdom/smoking problem!

My new companion, Sister Smith!!!

My last FHE with them!

In the city!!!! Me and my mango ice cream cone. Yes, I look like the Asian Statue of Liberty.

On the bus to go hike :D

President and Sister Day <3

The Sisters of Central Zone!

Sister Roy and Sister Hawaii...? IN TAIWAN!

Boarding the bus!


My first Night Market experience. It's right behind our house.

Sister Su and her cute bakery!

This is the Ning Xia Night Market sign. I like it because it has Xia in it and I am wearing yellow.

I love this quote that Fabian shared with me: “a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has the power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation.” -Joseph Smith

Remember the sacrifices we make and who we are making them for. :)

​Have a beautiful week! There is a typhoon going on right now outside but at least it's not during prime proselyting time. Love you!!!!

Sister Sagisi
Xia JieMei

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