Monday, July 21, 2014

Jiufen, So Fun!


Jiufen was so fun! I just said that in my title, but really, it was cool. It's comparable to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet (for those who have been to Hawaii) except it's in the mountains. Lots of stores and really good food. The taro, I must admit is the best! I hope that I can go back again.

Last night, I had a feeling to go visit an LA. It was just a feeling, nothing special. But it came again when our lesson got cancelled last night. I told Sis. Koch about it. She asked if I was sure that I wanted to visit her because we wouldn't want to bother. I told her that I had her number and we could just call her to ask if we could drop by. We called. Turns out that the number was a wrong number. I told her that now we have a reason to visit because we have to ask for her correct number. We went. When we rang the doorbell, her twin sister answered! This is the sister that we meant to visit last time but instead, her sister (who we met) was home. We ended up having a lesson with both sisters there (and getting her number corrected.) My testimony for listening to small feelings is growing and I hope the Lord continues to trust me with these feelings.

Our investigator, Yo-yo, had her baptismal interview yesterday! This investigator is GOLDEN. She's in the pictures below. After every lesson, Sis. Koch and I talk about how golden she really is. I ask whether she's had an investigator like her before. And she says she's never. She's just THAT golden. We wonder whether she'll have some setback that may keep her from being baptized. But really, nothing. I feel so blessed that the Lord has allowed me to take part in teaching her. She really is ready for baptism and to make this covenant with the Lord.

I had stinky tofu (finally!) A member bought some for me to try. It really wasn't that bad. It smells REALLY bad. Really bad. And it tastes like it smells but it's not that bad. Haha. Overall, it just tastes like really garlic-y tofu.

It was so nice to see familiar faces. We did temple tours again this past week. I was able to see Sister Roy, Sister Van Tonder, Sister Branch, Sister Phelps, Elder Greenhalgh, Elder Cheung (from SOAR) and Elder Payne. I think building friendships and seeing old friends on the mission is just really rejuvenating.

Spiritual Share:
I think about the prophets of old and those int he Book of Mormon. Often times, they are telling the people to repent. Our prophet, Thomas S. Monson still does the same in our days, but he just does it in his own way.

This talk that he gave at General Conference, " Love-The Essence of the Gospel" was definitely one that I needed. There are so many examples in my life who exemplify love. Pres. Monson gives some great insight. He talks about how we will never regret doing anything good. We will never regret helping something in need. Often do we regret not being nice enough, not smiling enough, not serving enough, or even just not thinking of others first. I never want to live with this regret, especially on my mission. Let us all love more- speak kinder words, have happier thoughts, smile, forgive more, be more light-hearted.

Love you all,
Sister Sagisi

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