Monday, July 28, 2014

Typhoons and My First Baptism!

I had my first baptism this past Saturday! And it was so amazing! Tears just came to my eyes as I watched Yo-yo enter the waters of baptism. I can't believe that I took part in helping someone prepare for this sacred experience and covenant. Sister Koch and I sung "Lord I Would Follow Thee" a capella before the baptismal ordinance. It was just so special that the Lord allowed me to be a part of that.

Sister Koch and I had a realization this week. There is someone waiting for us to be found in Guishan. Why didn't he re-open Guishan this week (with the 20 new missionaries coming on-island) rather than the 6 that came last transfer? It definitely would have made more sense for him to that. But no, he re-opened the area 6 weeks ago. There are miracles awaiting us while we're still here. 6 more weeks of training! It's going by so quickly.

Miracle: We had exchanges in the beginnning of the week and a miracle occurred in a matter of less than 24 hours. There was a lesson set up that night. This brother, Ye DX had already had his baptismal interview and passed but then he called Sister Lee to tell her that he couldn't be baptized because he read something in the Book of Mormon. So we were going to find out what it was and see what was going on. When he arrived, he was so angry. He explained that a church member had some lessons with him about the church and Book of Mormon. Apparently the member just made him confused and talked about things that contradicted what the missionaries taught him. But he was also angry that the member didn't allow him to talk at all. Then Sis. Lee asked if we could sing a hymn and say a prayer to invite the Spirit. It definitely helped. Well we continued to let Ye DX explain his thoughts. In times like these, we were so grateful for having a peike (member at the lesson). He even wanted to go to Taipei to the temple to go find peace at that very moment. I could tell that he was distressed. Sis. Lee asked him a great question. "If you hadn't met this church member, would you still believe what you believe?" He said yes. Then I thought of a scripture I could share. Ether 4:12. What persuadeth to do good is of Christ. As we kept talking, something miraculous happened. He knew it was true. His eyes and face started to soften. He then asked if he could be baptized this Wednesday in the morning! What?! I didn't realize what a miracle that lesson was until after we ended. But Sis. Lee explained that he's been meeting with the missionaries since February and he's never taken things into his own hands like setting his own baptismal date! Their district even fasted for him to help him! It was the Spirit and everyone's combined efforts that allowed this miracle to happen. I'm just so grateful the Lord allowed me to witness it.

A typhoon hit Taiwan. But we're okay though. Taoyuan didn't really get affected as much but we required to stay inside until 1 pm, which wasn't bad because we were inside from 8-12pm anyway, haha.

"Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that the power to work is a blessing, that the love of work is success." -President David O. McKay

Missionary work is WORK! But there is no other work that I'd rather be involved in right now. Let's all learn to love work and be happy. It also makes resting something worth looking forward to.

Love you!!!
Sister Sagisi

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