Monday, August 4, 2014

Better Each Day

The Lord bestows tender blessings everyday, we just have to be on the lookout for them.

So this week, there was an old lady who completely rejected our message, but then acknowledged that she sometimes goes to a Christian church. As we walked away, she called us back and gave us a pear! The people of Taiwan don't slam doors in your face, they simply say "bu yong" (don't want, don't need) and give us food. The people here are just so sweet! 

We had a lesson with a member from our ward this week. When we got to her house, we had already prepared to share a talk that was in July's Liahona magazine. It was about the Atonement. Since it was a short article, we decided to read it together. As we were reading, she just starts crying. When we finished, we just sat for a few minutes in silence. Then in between her sobs, she starts explaining her feelings. She explained how lonely she feels. She's divorced with 3 grown up children. She is currently looking for a job. She had something go wrong at her old job, international trade, and she doesn't know what kind of people to trust. She understands that life has challenges but she doesn't know why she's faced with this unbearable challenge. She can't sleep at night and sometimes she wishes she could just die there.

I wanted to embrace her and just hold her. I could feel the pain and sorrow that she had. Tears just rolled down my face. Sis. Koch had a wonderful idea of saying a kneeling prayer together. That lesson just testified to me how everyone needs our Savior and when we don't know what to do, He does. She is such a strong woman and the Lord knows exactly who she is and what she's going through.

Sometime last week, we had a lesson with a family and had asked a Chen JM from our ward to peike. I think it was before the lesson or it may have been after our lesson that she told us powerful experience she had. She said that she and her family were praying for a missionary experience adn that they wanted to be more involved in the work. Not long after, we called to ask her to peike. I knwo that our ward members want to be doing missionary work and sometimes they just don't know how to find it. But she expressed how we were an answer to her prayers!

CHINGLISH: I'm going to try to incorporate this section in every email. Oh the funny things I read in Taiwan. This week we found this on a guy's shirt: "Minnie is well known was Mickey's girlfriend."

"It is our duty to try to be perfect, improve each day, and look upon our course last week and do things better this week; do things better today than we did them yesterday." President Lorenzo Snow

Let's strive to be better each day! Love you!
Sister Sagisi

Sister Huang treated us to dinner at this restaurant called "Exotic Cuisine." Haha. So it's also the Luna Calendar's Valentine's day and the place was booked with couples. And in the background all of these ENGLISH love songs were playing...what a romantic, I mean spiritual evening.

The view from Turtle Mountain (Guishan). I almost collapsed when I got off my bike. My legs...were in such pain.

Sister Johansen just completed her mission! We will miss her!

 English Class party! It was a pioneer day theme!

 The district! It was an interesting you can tell from this picture.

 The Australian missionaries will appreciate this.

 Fabi will appreciate this...I'm so grateful that is not my bike.
 Pancit...guava with li hing mui... WHAT ELSE COULD I ASK FOR?! I love Taiwan!!!

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