Monday, August 11, 2014

BaBa Day!

Hi Mommy,

We have an investigator named Jeff who is about 18 years old. We met him a little less than two weeks ago. When we met with him this week, he had already read up to 1 Nephi 15! He explained how he had been reading in his spare time. We asked him what his favorite part has been. He explained how he really likes Nephi. He had the courage to slay Laban, forgive his brothers, and just be faithful. As I sat there in the lesson, I just felt the joy of someone who had been undergoing their own conversion. In the lesson, he explained how he wants to work really hard throughout the week so that he can get Sundays off and attend church. (He wasn't able to attend yesterday, but he was very sorry that he wasn't able to make it.) He also invited his friends and older sister to church two Sundays ago. He's already sharing the joys of the gospel! When his mom told him that he doesn't have to go to church because he already has his own religion (Buddism), he explained that it isn't his own religion and he wants to learn about our church. I'm praying for this young man so much! He's afraid that his dad will oppose. It seems his dad and church attendance are the obstacles right now, but everyday, I'm praying that he will keep progressing.

Another one of our investigators, Luna, is progressing! We met with her this week and also invited her to come to the temple for a temple tour since we would be the temple tour sisters. When we invited her to baptism at our lesson, it seemed like she couldn't really say because her mom was right there. But she has such great questions about the church. It amazes me how much faith she has to wonder about certain doctrines and to be willing to ask.

The meetings that we had last week were so rejuvenating! I think they were exactly what I needed to take on this new transfer. Guishan is rising from the dust and I can feel it breathing! Now, it just needs to come alive and flourish. That is a goal of mine this transfer. Although I'm not too sure what will happen next transfer, I just want to leave Guishan in great conditions for my breaker or for whoever will be coming into Guishan next transfer. This place has so much potential and the people here are just so amazing.

I saw a snake!!! So Thursday night, we were biking home along the bike pack. It was a dimly lit bike path that runs along the Nankan river (it's very nature-y). But I see my companion swerve to the left of the path and points at something on the ground to the right. I coudn't make it what she yelled but a few seconds later, I clearly kenw. As I passed, a black/dark squiqly thing on the ground slivers real quick and I know at that moment I knew it was a snake! Although it was just a split second of passing it, I just screamed "Oh my goodness" x4. I was so freaked out. I want to say that it was at least a 7ft snake. Well, my heart was beating fast the whole way home. There's nothing I hate more than snakes.
CHINGLISH: No Chinglish moment of the week. I'm sorry! I forgot to write them down.

SPIRITUAL SHARE: "As we draw near to Him, we realize that mortality is meant to be difficult and that 'opposition in all things' is not a flaw in the plan of slavation. Opposition, rather, is the indispensable element of mortality and strengthens our will and refines our choices." -Elder Timothy J. Dyches

I love you, Mommy!
Sister Sagisi
I love my ward! This is our Father's Day activity. They had about 7 tables of food! So good!

This is a Peanut Butter, Banana, Bacon is AMAZING!!! It's from Cozi Burger in Taipei. It's called the PBB Burger. And I will fly back to Taiwan just to have this again. Please take my word on it, this burger is amazing...probably the best burger that I've ever had.
Passing on the Koala bear to Sister Van Tonder. We miss our MTC district and the missionaries who went to Australia!

Sister Roy, Sister Lee, and Sister Wray! Sooo happy to see them! Especially Sister Roy!!!! Best friends in Taipei!

Our stake president fed the missionaries. Mommy, he knows Sister Chantrell. His name is President Tsai (Cai). They have a wonderful family! They have two missionaries out in the field right now. One in London and one in Brisbane, Australia.

At zone meeting! The triangle of elders stand for Faith, Hope, and Charity. All three work together.

I love our ward members. They feed us until we can't walk anymore...which I guess isn't a good thing. Haha. There is Sandra, Sis. Wu, Sis. Chen, and an invistigator, Sister Lin.

They really value Fathers here! What a wonderful Father's Day Activity. It's on the 8th of August because it's 8/8 and the number 8 in Chinese is 'ba'. So 'Baba Day'. Isn't that just clever?

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