Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving in Taiwan

My highlight of the week was seeing my Recent Convert, Ye JM (Yoyo), at Taoyuan Stake Conference. We both just cried when we saw each other. The best part was being able to sit with her at conference. It brought back memories of sitting with her at church when she was just an investigator. She later told me that she got her Patriarchal Blessing! I am so proud of her! Nothing warms your heart more than seeing someone you helped bring unto Christ taking their own steps on their path towards eternal life. Oh, how I love her so much!

This week was Thanksgiving Day in America. That doesn't mean we can't celebrate it in Taiwan! We were actually able to have another Thanksgiving meal this week, this time with the Li Family. For our Spiritual Thought we went around the room and explained what we were thankful for this year. Among the many many things I'm thankful for, I shared how I was so thankful for the four months that I was able to spend at home with my family while I waited to report to the MTC. For the past three years since I've started college, I've only really seen my family about every 6 months, spending at most a month with them. But being home with them for Christmas and my birthday was just such a special time to strengthen our relationship before I left them for 18 months. I love them so so much. I am also so grateful to even be on a mission. My joy is so full, and so is my tummy.

At Stake Conference, we heard from many speakers. Among them were Pres. and Sister Day and Elder Sam Wong of the Seventy. He recently spoke at General Conference this past October. He emphasized how missionary work is to be done with both missionaries and members. He emphasized Pres. Monson's call to everyone that "Now is the time for the members and missionaries to work together to labor in the Lord's vineyard and bring souls to Christ." He also shared things that pertain only to this area of the world. I know that he is a man called of God. He is called to preside over this area, under the First Presidency and ultimately under the Lord Jesus Christ.

He shared with us a few stories and I'd like to share one of them and the things that he taught us. This is the story of the Rich Young Man in Mark 10 of the New Testament. This rich man must have been a very active member because he 'ran' to Christ to know about eternal life. He even knew about eternal life, so he knew doctrine. His parents taught him well in the gospel so he also must have been a 2nd or 3rd generation member. But he was not willing to sell his possessions. The word "possession" is very interesting. Our possessions, all we have is what can really "possess" us. The rich young man was not willing to give all he had to follow the Savior. Can we ask ourselves the same? Are we willing to do all we can to build the Kingdom of God? Are we doing our Home Teaching, Visiting Teaching? Magnifying our calling? Compare this with the story of the Widow in 1 Kings who gives her food to feed the prophet Elijah.

Love you all!
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Sagisi

Thanksgiving Dinner with the Li Family :)

A taco bar!!!! It was soooo good. I was so happy :)

Chen JM treated us to lunch. She is so amazing. Everything she does is for her baby boy. She wants him to have the best education and to have a wonderful life. Even though she doesn't have fancy material things, she sacrifices so much for him and his future.

Lunch with the Li family. :)

We all look Taiwanese...Well, everyone else in the picture but me is Taiwanese. Haha.

My dear Yoyo and I at Stake Conference! Soooo happy I finally got to see her!!!! :D

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