Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love Your Taiwanese Everyone

Hello everyone!

I have a joke for you all: Why do missionaries have such large bladders? Because they only have one P-Day.

Happy P-Day!! :)

This past week, English Class was a success! Sister Akita and I teach Advance class and we pretty much speak English the whole time. We felt the Spirit so strongly as we invited everyone to talk about their ancestors and where they're from. It was part of our discussion about history. It was the perfect lead into our Spiritual Share where we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it is a record of the ancient inhabitants of America. We ended class with doing a demo about how the records were passed down from prophet to prophet and we had the last person read the promise in Moroni 10:1-5. Our invites included going onto and learning more about their investigators, reading the Book of Mormon, and keeping a journal! After class, one of our students, Scott, told us that he's going to start reading the book. He said that he's already a Christian and goes to church everySunday but is so excited to read the Book of Mormon. He went on to tell us that it was his first time there. In fact, he got an English tract a year ago. Usually he throws flyers away but he decided to keep this one. And then he pulls out his planner and behind the back cover, he pulls out the exact English tract he was given a year ago!!! Then he told us how he thought he'd come and check it out that day. It was a miracle! He set up for a time to meet with us this week!

We also went to Taibei for our Trainer/Trainee Follow-Up meeting. Everyone who is in training and who is training goes and even though we've only been in training for 3 weeks, it was a wonderful opportunity to receive more training from President and Sister Day, the Assistants and the Temple Sisters. I got many things out of the meeting. Two of which include loving the people and remembering the Atonement in missionary work. President Day always says to "Love Your Taiwanese Everyone." As we love the people and love everything they do, love their culture, love the language, and love my mission, everything will be so much easier. It all starts with loving the Savior, though. When I remember the Atonement in missionary work, it will be able to lift me and carry me through everything. There was only one perfect missionary and that is Jesus Christ. I have everything to learn from Him.

Have a beautiful week!!!

Sister Sagisi

-p.s. I promise to take more pictures this coming week!

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