Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Taiwanese Make It Work

We met a 98 year old amah on the streets! She's still walking strong with no cane and no glasses! She is the youngest 98 year old I have ever seen. She said that she had walked about a few miles that day. She is an inspiration to me!

I don't even know how to describe this incredible week! Can I just ask, is there another planner that comes after the Baptismal Planner because I think we need to start making a life planner for our investigator, Dai DX (Nick). He has such strong desires to go on a mission. And we were just mentioning in a lesson about how after he goes to the military for a year, he can go on mission and he was so excited and said that he'd love to. And you know that an investigator is so golden when you make daily contact with him on a Sunday and you ask him how his day went and he says that it's "bu hao" (not good) because he wasn't able to attend church. Then you ask him the reason and he says that he had to visit his parents! And you also know that he's golden when at the close of a lesson you ask him if he has any questions or thoughts and he says that he has no questions but instead he bears his testimony with you about how he feels himself growing closer to God and how he knows all these things are true! Dai DX even skipped his English class to meet with us because he says that meeting with the missionaries is more important. At the end of last night's lesson, he said how we elders and sisters are so "weida" (great) and the work that we're doing is so important. Honestly, this brother is so prepared and he's so ready. I think our peike even tried to set him up with her daughter and hopes that he would be able to convert her... haha. Our ward already loves him. But that's the wonderful Dai DX who has a date for 2/7.

On Thursday, we had 6 lessons back to back with the first at 2:30 and the last starting at 8pm. Two with members and the others were peikes. If everyday was like that, I would not only be going home in a stretcher, but I'd be going home with a permanent smile that would never go away. It was one of the best days! Those peikes were with our most golden investigators, too. Another golden one is Luo DX, who's been meeting with us for at least twice a week for the past 3 weeks now. His date is also for Feb. 7. He keeps all of his commitments and invites. One thing that I'm worried about is that he asks us questions that he finds online. Like one was about drinking coffee and tea, which he read on google. Another is about someone he saw on youtube who doesn't believe in Joseph Smith. Sis. Akita and I have been talking about how Satan is so real and he wants to bring our investigators down. But Luo DX has been open with us with all these questions so we're not too worried, but we're praying hard!

We also said two baptismal dates with a former investigator and his son. We showed them the "Because of Him" video and we just saw his countenance change and he was so touched. When he offered the kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson, we just knew that something was different this time and that we are going to work with him to get his answer about the truthfulness of these things before 2/28!

I love this work so much! The Lord has blessed us so much and is continuing to bless us. We know that it's hard work but it's worth everything. This work means everything to me. It meant so much to the Savior that everyone have an opportunity to return to our Father that He gave us His life. I'm only giving a short 18 months. But I know that I'll spend the rest of my life trying to show forth my gratitude.

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi


We really wanted McDonalds...

She was a miracle! This is Mercy. We met her outside our apartment and she noticed our tags. She couldn't read Chinese but she knew we were missionaries. She's from the Philippines and her husband and his family are all members. In fact, her father in law is a branch president. She's here for work. I asked why she's not baptized yet and she said that she has to work. But we asked if she had a Book of Mormon with her and she said no. So we asked her to wait and we ran upstairs and grabbed her a Tagalog Book of Mormon. Her 2 years of being here in Taiwan, she had never seen missionaries before. She was sooo happy to find us and it was seriously the Lord's hand in allowing us to run into her!!! She's not in our area but she's in the neighboring area so I know we'll see her around!

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