Tuesday, January 27, 2015

That Moment When You Realize...

You've been calling your investigator the wrong name this whole time...

We met her back early in November. We met her at the train station while English Boarding and I'm pretty sure she said her name was Cassie. Well, she came to church yesterday and I wrote her name on a piece of paper next to her Chinese name and she goes, "Not that 'Cassie'." And I just look at her and say, "Ohhh, which 'Cassie'?" I give her the pen and she writes it for me. She writes 'Kathy.' Oh my goodness...Sis. Akita and I tried not to laugh during Sunday School but we had a good laugh about it when we got home. HAHAHA!!!

On Friday, we got qing'd (fed) 3 times. How is 3 times possible when we eat breakfast at home? Yes, two dinners...I think it was probably one of the worst mistakes I've ever made. We were so full biking home. Yes, I learned my lesson...

Two weeks ago, we met with our Bishop and his wife one evening. We followed the counsel of Preach My Gospel and met with our Bishop to know how can we help him. We looked through the ward list together, name by name and he checked off specific people for us to go and visit. Last week Sunday, Bishop gave a shout out to the missionaries at Sacrament Meeting! He totally counseled the ward to allow the missionaries into their homes and to give us referrals! He talked about when we have the missionaries over, we are renewed and feelings of missionary work are re-kindled. I love our ward! And for the past two weeks, we've been able to have our 5 active member lessons each week! I feel like we're getting to know our ward members and we're able to build a relationship of trust!

I want to share this quote from Our Search for Happiness By Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: "The work they are called to do is hard and sometimes discouraging. But because they have the assurance that they are on God's errand, they are able to valiantly serve Him. I often suggest to those who want to know if the Church is true that they spend a few hours working with our missionaries. If doesn't take long to learn that no one can do all of things a missionary does every day without knowing beyond any question that what they are doing is right and true."

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi

My view from my window.

I love this stream.

A meadow of beautiful yellow flowers. 

Jenga pro's! We had FHE with the Chen family and they played for a good 30 minutes.

​Thank you to the Ayala family for my Christmas chocolates!!!! :)))

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