Monday, February 2, 2015

Just Another Ordinary Miracle

This week, Sis. Akita had a few different health problems. My poor trainee! During Specialize Training, we had to leave the meeting for a couple of hours so she could rest in the mission home. And Sister Day allowed us to both sleep. Let me just say, it was the most comfortable nap that I've ever had. That nap will last me my whole mission. While I was just pampered, my poor companion was pretty much in fetal position the whole time. And two days later, it seemed like she had some kind of stomach virus. Under Sis. Day's orders she needed to stay inside and rest. Unfortunately, that day we had 5 lessons set up. Sis. Day did let us go to one lesson though, the member referral who told us to meet with her within 3 days, but we needed to come home right after. But I testify that nothing will disrupt the work of the Lord! The other 4 lessons were rescheduled for this week! The work will go forward no matter what and nothing, not even sickness, will disrupt it.

Yesterday in Sunday School, Gospel Principles Class, we talked about the Creation. We talked about how we all have fingerprints. We all have a unique fingerprint. Why do we have fingerprints? So that we can grasp onto things and they won't slip through our hands. God loves us so much that He created even this little detail for us! I know that we are made after His image and He has a perfect body. What a miraculous miracle that we are all children of our Heavenly Father. And why doesn't He just give everyone the same fingerprint pattern? Well, it's just another 'ordinary miracle.' I love our Earth. It's amazing, isn't it! I invite everyone to ponder on the everyday miracles and just say a gratitude prayer for them all.

Ward Council yesterday was awesome! Our ward is ready to take on the Area Seventy Invites and they have goals and plans to achieve them! They have a saying, "yi jiating, yi xili." "One family, one baptism!" Everyone in our ward this year brings in one person to be baptized! The Second Coming is coming and His Work is moving forward so quickly!!! I am so excited to be on the front lines of this and our ward leaders are so ready!

FACEBOOK! So we're going to be a Facebook mission. Which means that we are going to have to deactivate our home account and we are going to have a mission account. And we are only allowed to have members/investigators in our areas as friends. It's going to be such a great proselyting tool! Can't wait to start using it!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Love,Sister Sagisi

Happy P-Day! Love, Sister Sagisi and Akita

Shopping in Taiwan.

Awesome ward members! Leon and Effie! And Effie's cute brother!

Yesterday was a beautiful Sabbath Sunday. Our apartment is to the far right.

​Our lovely Zhongli train station!

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