Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let 过年 Begin!!!

We are so excited! It starts today. Haha. Well, Chinese New Year doesn't start today but we have our first dinner today. So we have about 16 lunches and dinners with members in the span of about 8 days. I'm pretty excited but I'm nervous for how much weight we will gain! Sister Akita and I are trying this thing where we weigh ourselves at the start of each day. We also take our weight at the end of the night. And we have also taken our weight for the start of Chinese New Year and we'll take it next week after our last qingke (lunch or dinner with a member).

Heavenly Father blessed us with a baptism on Valentine's day!!! I remember fasting for the month of February and praying for a baptism this month. Both Sis. Akita and I thought it would be another one of our investigators but nope! The Lord had something else planned for us. I talked about him in last week's email, Jeremy Chen. We found out that he met the missionaries about 3 years ago through an English tract. He's 13 years old. Actually, he was 12 when we met him two weeks ago after English class and he was baptized on his birthday, which was Valentine's day!!! The baptism was so smooth and it was all due to the ward's help and their support! So we forgot to turn on the heater for the baptismal font. And not only did we forget, we didn't know how to and it was also due to miscommunication. We know that Jeremy will always remember his baptism though! When he bore his testimony, he testified of how he knew that he was a child of our Heavenly Father and that he was clean. In one of our lessons this week, that I missed due to exchanges, Sis. Akita said that in the closing prayer, Jeremy prayed that when he turns 18 he wants to be able to go on a mission.

We finally got Facebook this week! We set up our profile! We've already found so many benefits from using Facebook for the first couple of days. It's so easy to get in contact with our investigators and with members! It's going to take some getting used to but I can already see how awesome it will be!

We were early to a lesson so we decided to go contacting at a nearby park for about 20 minutes. After parking our bikes we scanned the park and found our amah's in one corner, then the teenagers practicing their pitching, then two teenage girls on a bench. Our eyes were drawn to a father and his two daughters playing baseball on the field. We decide that we want to go and talk to them and create a plan to first share the English tract then the family tract. So we start with a prayer and then start walking to them. We were able to get the father's phone number and he was really interested in English class! He even called the next day and confirmed English class time. He ended up coming with his whole family!!! I know it wouldn't have worked out without our prayer before talking to the family.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!! This is God's work! I am just a tool. I testify of what I know to be true and the Holy Ghost does the rest.

Sister Sagisi

This is Sister Lee and her husband, Bro. Edec! They are moving to the Philippines!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!

​We got Facebook!!! We are sooo excited to use this new proselyting tool to share the gospel and fulfill our missionary purpose!!!!!!

This is Jeremy! His baptism on his birthday and Valentine's day!

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