Monday, February 9, 2015

I'm Feeling #22 #LikeAMissionary

What a privilege turning 22 doing the Lord's work! Though my mortal body's 22 years old, I know that my spirit is much older than that. On my birthday, I was able to be a missionary! My only birthday as a full-time missionary! I was able to share what we knew as pre-mortals with my brothers and sisters here in Taiwan!

As I read Jesus the Christ, I understand more about Christ and who He is. One of the ways He teaches is through parables. His parables demonstrate His knowledge of all things. He created the mustard seed, and He knows nature and the order of things. He is the perfect teacher and can relate His creations to the gospel. What a testimony of His divinity.

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi

Happy Valentine's Day Mommy!!!!!!!
I seriously had the best birthday!!!!

Sister Roy, though on the other side of the island, is never too far away. Love her! She's finishing off this last transfer and will be going back home at the end of February! Gonna miss her a ton!!!

Zhongli District! Love our district!

Yoyo, my RC, paid a surprise visit on Wednesday during English class. I love her so much! It was one of the best gifts and I'm so grateful I have her in my life!

I have the best companion. She is so cute! Sister Akita just put such a big smile on my face!!!

My taro birthday cake!!!

The best cake I have ever had.

Happy 22!

Fan DX, threw me a cake party!!!

Sis. Li is going to the Philippines! We are going to miss her so much!

I love our ward!

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