Monday, June 22, 2015

Farewell to President and Sister Day

This week, President and Sister Day finish their service here as Mission President of the Taiwan Taipei Mission. I don't think words can describe my feelings for President and Sister Day. They have impacted my life more than I can even explain. I know that one of the many reasons that I was called to the Taiwan Taipei Mission was to learn from these two amazing disciples of Christ. Every training, every interview, every moment that I've had with them has been so special. I've felt their love that they express to each of their missionaries. All I'm saying is that I'm going to Tennessee to visit them and eat Sister Day's cookies! ;)

This week was Dragon Boat festival. We've even a lot of 'zongzi.' It's rice wrapped in leaves and it's sooo good! I don't think I'll ever get tired of them. I'll send a picture next week. :)

This week we went looking for a less active. We forgot the ward list a the bikes and I had to go off of memory. Haha. But the Lord led us to this woman who told us that she's always wanted her children to believe in Christ, even though she can't because she was Buddhist. It was a miracle!!! We're meeting with her again and sharing more of the gospel with her!!!

I love you all!
Sister Sagisi
Sister 夏 (summer)

Exchanges with the beautiful Sister Lindsay. This is an ice cream swirl with green bean and peanut butter. Who would ever think of that combination? The Taiwanese! And trust me, it's delicious!!!

Summer is coming! Get your fans out. Yes, that's my name! 夏 :)

My companion thinks that I'm a Taiwanese who can speak really good English. Hahaha. I love her!

​We got qing'd to Thai food with Zeng JM. SOO GOOD!!!!!!! She was baptized in December and she has such a cool conversion story.

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