Monday, June 15, 2015

My Spanish is still Good...Haha.

I make a year on island this week!!! I feel like I just left the MTC! Still!

This week, one of our sister missionaries in my zones received a text message in Spanish. They couldn't read it and asked me if I could read it. Boy, was I glad that I read it and translated it for them. They had originally planned to meet with that investigator that night but after I read it, I think they made other plans. It was something like this in Spanish, "I was just wondering do you have a boyfriend? How old are you?" I AM SO GRATEFUL I learned Spanish in high school. The Lord needed me for this moment! Haha.

Nothing is sweeter than a song'd hong dou bing! (This is a really good Taiwanese cake that is filled with custard or red bean, etc). I gotta tell you this miracle. Well we on exchanges and were English Boarding and I noticed this man sitting down on the side eating a hong dou bing. I was like, "isn't that so good? I love that store's hong dou bing!" Then he goes, "here have some. I can't eat it all." He gives me and Sister Williams 4 hong dou bings. I think the Lord was just being so merciful. He wasn't interested in listening to the gospel because he was a Buddhist. At first we couldn't accept but he persisted. We thanked him a million times and he was like "no, really. No problem." As we were leaving, the Spirit just told me that I needed to share my gratitude with him. So I shared Mosiah 2:17. "And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom ; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." At first he said that he didn't understand. Then I explained what it meant to serve others. In my mind, I didn't even need to have a lesson with him. I just wanted to share what I knew service was and that this man was only serving God. Seed planted! (see picture below)

On Sunday, one of the RC's in our ward gave a talk. She shared the experience she had on Saturday when we ate lunch with her and shared a small lesson with her. She talked about how we were angels that she needed at this time in her life. But first I want to share what happened in that lesson. We were talking about love and love for God. Sister Williams shared a scripture that we had planned to share and expounded on that scripture. Then instead of sharing the scripture that I had planned to share, the Spirit told me to share a different scripture. I shared Mosiah 7:48. She ended up sharing that same scripture in her talk on Sunday. Lately, I've really been feeling the Spirit guiding me in every phase of this work. It's such an amazing feeling when you know that it's not me doing anything but the Spirit.

Love you all!
Sis. Sagisi

This says to watch out. There are falling coconuts...

Our beautiful chapel!!!

The man who gave us the hong dou bings!!!

Sister Cutler and I riding our bikes!

Beautiful Taiwan!

Just tanning.

This is a better MRT picture!

Sister Komatsu and I having some mango smoothies!

The best Taro manapuas!

​Got our Book of Mormons ready to go!!!!

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