Monday, June 29, 2015

Transfer 10--Here we go!

Sis. Guo and I will be spending another transfer together in Beitou! Starting transfer 10 of 12. Wooh! I'm cherishing EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of this short privilege. I'm hoping to 'die' (finish) here. We go on so many exchanges with sisters because we are assigned to 8 companionships in two zones that I hardly get to really really know our area. Haha.

So our chapel is on top of a hill. It's really close to our house. But--it's on top of a hill! We've had promptings to go near that area several times this week and we have found miracles galore! I used to have the mindset of, "oh but it's so close to the chapel. Missionaries have probably knocked those houses a thousands times before." But the Lord proved me wrong. We met a Xu JM. She is a single lady in her 60s taking care of her 90 year old dad. We had a lesson with her and re-invited her to English class because she used to attend before. She actually really loves missionaries. She's gone hiking with them before but never took any of the gospel lessons nor had she been given a Book of Mormon. Of course we gave one to her and invited her to read the beginning. When she came to English class the next day, she had already read the intro to the Book of Mormon and knew the background of the Book of Mormon so well!

Another lady is Tang JM. We didn't know why we were led to a barren road at 12:30 pm in the hot afternoon, aka nap/lunch time. We ended up finding Tang JM, a former investigator from about 30 years ago. She attended church and English class at Jin Hua when she was in college. Now she's about 60 years old. So crazy! We ended up having a lesson with her as well. We wondered why the Lord wanted us to meet with her even though she thought that 'now' still wasn't her 'time.' But I know that the Lord gave her a perfect reminder of His love towards her.

Lastly is Zhen JM. She literally lives next door to the chapel. We ended up having a lesson with her and she said she will come to church next Sunday. She said that right now her goal is to look for a husband. She's in her 30's and she's afraid to wait too long to get married. It was the perfect lead into eternal families!

Love you all!!
Sister Sagisi

We have one room with AC in our apartment. Our beds is not in that room. After all, we're only in bed for 8 hours to sleep. It's gotten to the point where even though we have a fan in that room, the fan is just blowing hot air. This is what we've resorted to. One of the best decisions ever!

I know with all my heart that President and Sister Day are called of God to lead this mission. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with them for a short year. They flew back on Saturday. They'll be released on Tuesday. I'll miss them so much. But I'll see them again!!!

President Day sang a song that he wrote for us. "I am a child, a child of God."

These are 'zongzi' It's so good!!!

The Danshui district! Elder Sumsion, Elder Huang, Elder Christensen, Elder Sanford, me, and Sis. Guo. Elder Christensen got transferred and Elder Sanford completed his mission and went home on Saturday!

We found this outside this house. We needed to take a picture next to it.

"There is always, always, always, something to be thankful for." We exercise at this park each morning (except Sundays). It's the perfect reminder to start off our day.

The district in Danshui! Danshui is pretty much the most northern spot of Taiwan. It's a harbor and it's beautiful!

My lovely companion and I <3 It was the perfect weather! Not too hot. And it didn't rain!

She is so cute!

​A taro soft serve ice cream cone. It's the equivalent of $1 (US). I felt so sick after eating that. But I'll be back again for another one. Maybe in a year :)

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