Monday, October 13, 2014

Guess Who's Back!

Dear Mommy,

Guess who's back in Taoyuan Zone! They couldn't keep me away for long. I'm back in my first zone but this time in the Zhongli District and over the Pingzhen Area. This week I will have been on island for 4 months! How crazy that time flies so quickly!!! This place is amazing! It's really different coming into an area where there are numerous investigators already with baptismal dates, are progressing, and that we already have lessons set up for the next couple of weeks. I was not used to that in Guishan where we re-opened and in Datong where we were focusing on finding majority of the time! It's different and I love it! It allows me to grow in other ways and to just build this area in more amazing ways.

My companion is the beautiful Sister Zippro from Farmington, Utah. She has 8 weeks left on her mission but let me tell you, she is still 100% focused on the work. I am learning soo much from her! Her Chinese is amazing. It's actually her major at BYU. I wanna say that aside from the native Chinese speakers, she has one of the best Chinese in the mission, along with Sister Roy of course. :)

General Conference was just spectacular. Maybe it's the fact that I've been set apart as a missionary and I have this sacred assignment that the Spirit just revealed so many new things to me. I wish conference was longer! I wish it was a week long. But Sis. Zippro made a good point when she asked me, "do you think church members would watch if it were a week long?" She is so right...conference is not just for me but for everybody. And although I wish it could have been longer, I now have the responsibility to not just be edified by the words that I've heard but also to study them thoroughly and apply it to my life. That is the true test of conference. We can listen all we want but if we don't use what we heard to become more like Christ, then it's really all for nothing.

Love you! I'm sorry this is so short! Until next week!

Sister Sagisi

This is how we do conference here in the Taoyuan Zone :)

It POURED on Friday! Oh my goodness. It rained cats and dogs. But we went to work nonetheless.

Shi Family. Such good food! I love them so much!

Sister Lee will be finishing her mission in  2 weeks. She is Taoyuan's Sister Training Leader :( Love her so much! She was companions with Sis. Roy!

My new companion Sis. Zippro <3

Taipei Main Station. It's a train station. It reminds me Grand Central Station...not like I've ever been but it's the closest thing I have to it.

My last lunch with them. Sister Thornley, Sister Nelson are Central Zone's Sister Training Leader and Sister Smith my companion <3

This is a "Caltrop." We peel it and it eat. It's kind of similar to chestnuts.

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