Sunday, October 5, 2014

Taipei 101, Leaving Taipei

Dear Mommy,

So I'm moving again! Sister Smith's trainee came!!! Yay!!! So all the new missionaries (31 of them) who were supposed to come in last transfer are finally here. Their VISAs got processed and everything is all good. That just means that I'm moving somewhere and I get a new companion. I think the amazing thing about our transfer meetings is that we don't know where we are going or who our companions are until it is announced at the transfer meeting. Haha. I love Pres. Day and the way he does things in our mission. :)

Here is a paragraph from my letter to Pres. Day that I want to include in this week's email:
It has been a fast but amazing few weeks here in Wanda. I can't even believe it's time for me to leave. I read an article in the August 2014 Liahona entitled, "Act Upon this Land as for Years." And I thought it was so pertinent to what is happening to me. When I heard that I'll only be companions with Sister Smith until the new missionaries get to Taiwan, it was easy to think, "oh I'll just live out of my suitcases because who knows, I could be leaving tomorrow." But no, I got settled and I acted as if I was going to be there for the whole transfer. I already know why the Lord allowed me to have this opportunity, though short, to serve here in Wanda and to be companions with Sister Smith. I love her so much!

And here's a fun fact. So the son of Kaiping, in this video actually accompanied us as we did a temple tour. We didn't even know it was him until after the fact. Haha. As Sister Smith and I talked about the tour we just said to each other, "it made sense because he said that he attended a music school!" Haha. And according to the video, he's an amazing musician. He also has such a strong testimony.

We get to watch General Conference next week! Yay! I can't wait to hear these inspired messages. It takes a week for them to translate it to Chinese :)

I love Taiwan!!!

This is Meng JieMei. She is so strong. She has a strong testimony and though she's been through a lot, she is able to see the blessings in her life each day. I will miss her a ton.

Our new investigator (that we have to give away because she lives outside our area) :( But her name is Luo JieMei. She also is so amazing!

We found this in Sister Smith's helmet...hahahahaha.

Yay! TAIPEI 101!!! I did it!

Me and the damper baby.

Central Zone sisters on top of the world!

Nuff said :)

Because we never got the opportunity to take a 'map' picture at the MTC.

Look how high it goes. :)

I'm going to miss her so much! Love her!!!

I love you so much mommy!
Sister Sagisi

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