Monday, March 2, 2015

Islanders in Pingzhen

So Sister Roy, now Meihua, has finished her mission! It's been so comforting knowing that we were here in Taiwan together. But her time is done and she's off to a new start in her life. I wouldn't have had the same experience in Taiwan without her. It was so funny meeting missionaries and one of the things they'd say is "you're Sister Roy's best friend, right?" But she technically doesn't go back to Hawaii until the end of the month. She'll be in Taiwan with her mom for a bit.

I have a new companion! I'm breaking (which means she just finished training) Sister Ioane. She is from the small island of Tuvalu. She was baptized in 2013 and she came on her mission in December 2014.She's the only member in her family and I have much to learn from her. She's only been here for 3 months. She has so much faith!

Saturday was so rough. All of our lessons fell through, no one was answering our calls and both Sis. Ioane and I knew that it was just a "dry" day. Despite the miracle LA lesson we had just had a few hours before and the two other lessons that we had after knocking on someone's house, the happiness of those miracles were just smothered by the current situation of our LA lessons that fell through. We decided to just get on our bikes and head over to go LA hunting. We found out that the LA family was in China and well, it was one of those times where you think you see the light but then the light just went out. So we stayed in the neighborhood and looked for another LA. It was just rough. We happened to park our bikes in front of someone's house and because it was dark, we could see inside. We saw a family in there, grandparents, a dad, son, and their worker from Indonesia. Well we decided to go talk to them. We knocked on the door and told them that were missionaries and wanted to give them an English tract. Immediately the dad says that they didn't have time. Well he came out and took the tract. But something miraculous happened and he talked to us a little more. After a few minutes he says, "do you want to come in an have some water?" I'm like, "YES! Let us go park our bikes." And I could hear him go back inside and tell everyone that the missionaries are coming in. Well we go in and he tells us to have seat. He turns off the TV and pretty much tells everyone to focus their attention on us. We had a lesson on families. When we asked him how having an eternal family sounds to him, he just kept saying how it sounded too good and so nice. We ended up having a return appointment with him for later tonight. His name is Jin Guo Xing. During DPS that night, Sis. Ioane discussed that miracle we just had. And she told me that when we were at the Family Mart having no success, she went to the bathroom for a really long time. And I noticed how long it was. But she told me that while she was in there she was just crying and praying. Hindsight, her prayer was answered and I am so grateful for the faith that she had to pray to Heavenly Father.

Did I ever tell you about how I tried to buy a lint roller here in Taiwan? My black clothes are starting to accumulate lint. So on Pday we went to the department store (similar to Walmart) and they took me to face masks and then to sponges. First off, I have no idea how to say lint roller in Chinese and I just tried my best to describe how it works. Then I just gave up. I'll just be using tape. That works right?

We didn't know that water heaters have batteries. We've been taking freezing cold showers for the past few days. I'm glad that we haven't had hypothermia yet.

Have a wonderful week everyone! God is a God of miracles. His miracles will never cease as long as we have faith. Faith is the power. I am grateful for our Savior and His teachings. I love being His missionary and forgetting myself.

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi

Our Ice Cream that we bought at Yinge!

This is apparently a famous rock.

I'm gonna miss her! "See you on the other side."

My new companion Sister Ioane!

Team Sakita <3

Some Taoyuan Zone missionaries in Yingge!

This is the biggest spoon I have ever seen.

Yingge is known for their pottery.

I love our sisters! Sister Bowman, Sister Akita, Sister Smith, and Sister Sagisi

Me and my Yoyo!

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