Monday, March 16, 2015

Languages of Love


Every time I go and do Temple Square Tours, I know that the Lord has specifically called us to go on that day. Well on Saturday, I know that we were supposed to be there on that day. We went to the temple and we just had people coming and asking us for tours and if they didn't ask us for a tour, they didn't reject us when we asked if they wanted a tour. We found this one guy sitting on the couches waiting for his friend. He had bleached his hair, he had a dangling earring in one ear, skin tight leggings, a colorful cap, spiked bracelets, and these shiny pointy shoes. And what do we do? We talk to him and ask if he wants a tour. He didn't want to walk around so instead we had a lesson with him in the chapel. We asked a member to help us peike and we have a lesson of the restoration and give him a BOM. He lives in Linko and the only form of communication was Line (not even Facebook) but it was one seed planted! And he also has his friend (who is a member and eventually came to pick him up) as a resource to the church.

Also, because it was the Taiwan Return Missionary Conference at Jin Hua, we were able to see so many RM's and just talk to them about their missions. They revitalized me and made me really think about my mission thus far. They are all so happy and they all LOVED their mission! I LOVE my mission but I want to love it even more! So I made up my mind that I'm going to love my mission even more than I do now! And to do that I'm going to be happier, work harder, find joy in each day, and love the people, language, the gospel, and the Lord. 

I was also able to see a sister who I emailed when I was in my first area. I was in her mom and cousin's ward. And at the time she was serving in Temple Square in Salt Lake City. She just came back a week ago and she was at the Conference. It was such a tender mercy to finally meet her and talk to her in person!

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi

This is Sister Ma. She just came back from her mission in Temple Square and I was so happy finally being able to meet her!!!

We had Zone Conference!!! Taoyuan Zone :) We were trained on Languages of love--love the language, the people, my companion, and the Gospel!

We gave this ward a temple square tour! They are so amazing and the Spirit was so strong!

Members from my first Area in Guishan!

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