Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Happy almost April everyone! Happy almost Easter! In Chinese the translation for Easter is "Resurrection Day." I love Chinese! It doesn't explain Easter better than that. It's the day Christ resurrected. And I get to be a missionary on this special day! Wooh!

Huang DX, one of our miracle LA's, is progressing so well! We messaged him on Facebook asking how his new job is going. He said it's been OK but he's been very busy. Sometimes he comes home really late at night. But, he said, he hasn't forgotten the most important things, daily prayer and scripture reading. Through these he said that he's really felt the Lord's hand in his life and His help. He came to church this past Sunday in a suit! And the biggest miracle of all happened on Friday night. We went to go LA hunting and we went to this neighborhood and had no luck. But as we were leaving the neighborhood, we see Huang DX running past us! We were so happy! Apparently the Lord didn't want us to just Facebook contact him that day but to actually contact him! He told us that he was going to stay after Sacrament on Sunday and attend the other church meetings but he didn't know where to go because after Sacrament everyone disperses and he's just confused. And we gladly told him we'd accompany him. He wants to go to Gospel Principles. And then we told him about getting the Melchizedek priesthood, Patriarchal Blessing, and Temple Recommend.

Taiwan is beautiful! But biking through rice paddies at night are a little scary. Sis. Day tells us to stay in lighted areas. But that one night though...there was no other way to get to the neighborhood we need to go. And Sis. Ioane and I start biking and there comes a van behind us and we just start putting the pedal to the metal because we were sooo scared! We just start yelling at each other and saying, "bike faster! FASTER!" and "where are the elders?!" We finally find refuge at this amah's steamed bun truck soon finding out that in the van was this harmless lady. Well, I'm just glad that we have the Spirit to protect us and to warn us of danger.

I invite everyone to take part in this initiative. What does it mean to you that He lives? Please check out Helives.mormon.org

Because He lives, I can smile each day knowing that I have a reason to smile. Because He lives, I have a purpose in life; I have a purpose as a missionary; I have a purpose to make it known to everyone here!

I love you all! We are going hiking today. Yay!

Sister Sagisi

It was a beautiful Sabbath Day!

Japanese Food with Sister Xie!

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