Monday, April 20, 2015

Walking in Sunlight

We had an earthquake today. During companionship study this morning the other sisters in the other room start yelling "earthquake" all while I'm thinking why my companion is shaking my desk. Haha. We live on the 6th floor and it gave me a head ache. Haha. I hope that the other side of the world is okay. It lasted for about a minute.

BYU graduates this week! Yay! Fabian is gonna be a big boy now. Sad I won't be there but I still have next year! He starts his big boy job with EY in LA after this summer. Wooh!

Also, I wasn't able to congratulate my SOAR counselor/BYU friends, Marlow and Marissa for their marriage! I got their wedding invite a few months ago and it just made me soo happy! I also received a picture from Jansi and Jake Butler and their newborn baby Kaleia (I hope I spelled that right). All these exciting news!

On Tuesday we had met with a former investigator. We had found her record in a binder that I had never seen before. And just when you think that you have called all of the former investigators, the Lord opens up the way to find more investigators! Yay! So we called her last week to set up for this week. We found out that the reason why she stopped meeting with missionaries was because the missionaries lost contact with her. She was a former from about 5 years ago. We re-invited her to baptism and she accepted. The closing prayer that she said was the best part. In the middle of the prayer there was this long pause. Then she starts to sob. Then she thanks Heavenly Father for giving her a second chance to meet with the missionaries and to learn this message. After she said Amen, we all looked up and Sis. Ioane's and my faces were wet with tears.

At the sister's baptism on Saturday, I asked the new convert if he had any friends in Pingzhen. Not expecting anything in reply, he pauses for a moment and tells me, "actually my older sister lives in that area." I was like "WHAT?!" Then his sister, who is a member in Miaoli and had come just to attend his baptism gave me their sister's information. At first I was so nervous. I even asked them what I could say to the sister. She said, maybe you can say that a friend gave you her information and that you'd like to meet her and share more. The sister thanked me for being willing to contact her. When I said I was going to do it that night, she got even more excited. She explained how she hadn't talked to that sister in a long time because of an unresolved fight. I later called the sister and we set up!!!!! She was interested too! The Spirit led that phone contact because I was so nervous. Baptismal services bring miracles!!!

I love October conference of 2008. I feel like that conference, though I was still in high school, had impacted me so much. It was in the midst of the recession in America and I feel like a lot of the talks were about happiness and adversity. I invite everyone to watch/read this talk. Let us all laugh more and be happy!

We have a Mission Tour this week with Elder Gong of the Area Seventy (who spoke in conference last October). I'm so excited! And we may or may not be going to the temple next week, so if I don't email on Monday, I'll be emailing on Wednesday. :)

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi

ISLANDERS! Sister Akita and her baby, Sister Komatsu, and my companion, Sis. Ioane.

Don't mind our tired faces...These were from Sister Roy before she left Taiwan and became Meihua. We love her!

​Three generation picture!!!! And we're all from Hawaii. Haha. Sister Komatsu, Sister Akita, and me. BTW, I totally called that Sis. Akita would train Sis. Komatsu. Sis. Komatsu is from my old stake back home (Honolulu-West Stake). Wooh!

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