Saturday, July 25, 2015

P-day Waiting on Me

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention last week that this week our Pday is on Wednesday because we're going to the temple today!!!

Lately, Pday just comes without me even knowing. I feel like Pday waits for me. I no longer wait for Pday.

I like getting big, square-ish letters from my district leader. It usually means it's a wedding announcement! Haha. I like guessing who it's from and who's getting married. My trainer, Sis. Koch just got married last month. And this month I got an announcement from Melanie Serrao. She'll be getting married in August. So crazy how fast time flies! So happy for her!

As I'm getting older in the mission, I can really feel how I'm becoming the missionary the Lord expects of me. This week I really felt the Spirit in every phase of the work. 1) Where to go (we were led to a recent convert in a park full of old people). 2) What to do (I didn't know how to address the pack of cigarettes in his pocket but with boldness and the Spirit, I was able to ask). 3) And what to say (I didn't want him to feel like we would judge him or embarrass him but through the Spirit, he felt the Lord's love for him as we talked about the Atonement). The Spirit is with us in Beitou. The Lord is directing His work here. I am so grateful to be a part of it!

Sister Sagisi

The view of Taipei 101 from the freeway.

Shout out in Espanol! ;)

Lunch with the Hong Family! They took us to an amazing Italian restaurant.

The Young Women performed the cup song for the Ward Talent Show!

The Primary danced for everyone. So cute! And so funny!

Exchanges with Sis. Haupt!

In America we use these things to hold napkins. In Taiwan it's used to hold straw/chopstick wrappers.

We bought some "Jesus Noodles." A Christian lady opened a restaurant and wanted people to know who Christ is so some of the dishes have "Yesu" in the name.

Lunch with the Xu family! Yes...that's Taiwanese burritoes!!!

Rumbing!!! Love love love!!!

On exchanges with Sis. Child in Neihu and met Sister Chen! Her husband studied at BYU-H so her daughter Kalani was born in Hawaii. :)

Beautiful Neihu!!! Went on a hike for morning exercises.​

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