Monday, July 27, 2015

A World Full of Wonderful People

I noticed something that touched my heart and it's something that I'll never forget. As I was unlocking my bike getting ready to leave, I saw a blind man with a walking stick. He attempted to cross the road. As he did, he stuck out his walking stick straight in front of him. I saw that as he took his first few steps into the road with many cars, a man comes, grabs his arm and safely takes him to the other side of the road. I saw that when the blind man felt the man next to him, I could see that the blind man was suddenly comforted, put his stick down and held on to the man. After dropping him off, the man who helped him went back across the street and continued to walk in the opposite direction. I'm not too sure if anyone else saw what just happened in a matter of probably 30 seconds, but I did and the Lord did. It was so touching and I'm so grateful I was able to witness this tender act of service. Despite some of the things that happen, this world is truly full of wonderful people.

We found a miracle LA this week! The Lord seriously has a plan for everyone. After lunch we had some things that our landlord suddenly need to fix so we couldn't move forward with our original plan we had. After our landlord left, we only had about 30 minutes of finding before we needed to head back to the MRT to exchange back. I suddenly felt that we shouldn't go with our original plan. As we headed to our backup plan, while biking up there, I had this weird feeling to stop by the nearby park. As we parked our bikes, I realized that it was a really "not smart" idea because there was seriously no one at the park. Haha. But we said another prayer and went to work. I asked Sis. Luo if we could talk to a man and his two toddlers. We gave them an English tract. He said he attended before he was married and had kids. When we started to talk about families, we asked if we could pray with him. He then said that he was actually baptized in our church before. WHAT?! We ended up having a lesson and finding out why we left. We have a return appointment with him this week Saturday! The Spirit led us to find him and even though it seemed like a really weird thought at first, we later knew why the landlord came, why we decided not to go with our original plan, and why we had to go to the empty part instead.

Oh my goodness! The Lord is so merciful! At the temple on Wednesday, we met some Filipino sisters! They did an English session with us. They are Sister Emma and Sis. Naty. They asked us where we were serving and I said Beitou. They told us that that's where they first met the missionaries 4 years ago and were taught in Beitou. In fact, it was a Filipino elder who knocked on their door and helped teach them the gospel. Sis. Naty gave me a referral of her friend, Sis. Lita who was also taught with her but never got baptized. The next day, Sis. Lita calls Sis. Naty out of the blue after not having been in contact for 4 years. Sis. Naty was so confused and asked if the missionaries had visited her. She said no. But the next day after that, we ended up visiting her. (I had no idea of the phone call the night before). But we met Sis. Lita and asked why she hadn't been baptized yet. We also shared more about the message of the Restoration. I called Sis. Naty later that night to tell her that we visited Sis. Lita and she told me about the previous night. We visited again on Sunday along with Sis. Naty and other Filipino members and we set a baptismal date with Sis. Lita. She is ready to learn again. Perhaps this is a reason why I came to Beitou. Perhaps this is a reason why we were assigned to the temple that Wednesday and not some other Wednesday. Perhaps this is the time Sis. Lita is ready to be baptized. It was a miracle.

I love this work! I love being a part of it. Every second of everyday is a miracle to me.

Here is our website that our mission president, Pres. Jergensen made! He invites all of our family and friends to view it and see what's happen'n in the Taiwan Taipei Mission. :)

Love you all!!!!
Sister Sagisi

Filipinos, a Nicaraguan, and Americans eating Pinakbet, Paksiw, Vegetables and Patis, and other amazing Filipino dishes. :) I love being Filipino!!! I was able to practice my Ilocano and Spanish all in one place :) In the salmon is Sis. Lita and in the black is SIs. Naty. (Mommy you need to add them on Facebook!)

Another picture of them. :)

Lots of pink! In the back it's watermelon drinks!

​Exchanges with Sis. Luo! These are what MRT's look like. I love them!

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