Monday, July 13, 2015

The Death Letter

There are some things that I wish I'd known before coming to Taiwan on my mission. This might be helpful for missionaries who have gotten their call and are wondering what to pack. Haha.

1) Clothes: Taiwan has a BUNCH of really cheap clothes. I wish I hadn't brought so much of my own clothes. I would've just brought maybe 5 skirts and bought more skirts here in Taiwan (enough for the MTC). Then I wouldn't have so much clothes to carry around. It also gets pretty cold here in the winter. It doesn't snow but because of the humidity, it feels like it should start snowing, especially when you've spent the summer in Taiwan and it suddenly becomes winter. I had to use scarves, gloves, leggings, and boots during the winter. And again, you can buy all those things here.

2) Shoes: I would've just brought a pair of running shoes and missionary shoes and bought more shoes here as well. The shoes are so cute and pretty cheap here.

3) Rain gear: Taiwan has all the rain gear you need.

So last p-day, my companion and I go to the market. We find a Taiwanese burrito stand. It's called 'rum4bing3' I believe. And Guo JM starts ordering and says all these things. I am next and whatever she ordered sounded really good. So I just say that I want the same thing... When I took a bite into my rumbing, I realized that I made a huge mistake. She asked for wasabi in hers...And I really dislike wasabi. After I'm about halfway through my rumbing, I tell my companion what happens and she just feels so bad. Lol. On the flipside, I'm the one laughing at myself. We laugh about afterwards and she says that she wants to buy me another. However, I learned that because my companion is a native, I should ask what she ordered before I just say, "Oh, make that 2!"

Last week Friday we had a typhoon. Last week Friday we went proselyting in the typhoon. We got news that we were supposed to stay indoors all day. Then an hour later we got news that we were free to go out. It was awesome! We saw so many miracles! It was really windy and it was raining like crazy. But the Lord watched over us and blessed us with so many miracles that day!

So at BYU in the Wilkinson Center, there would often be people playing John Schmidt on the piano. I know that it sounded so good but I didn't know how intense it was to play his music. Well, last night, my life was made complete (haha). One of our ward members played one of his songs for us. And anyone who uses their forearm to hit the keys on the piano is AMAZING! I have so much more respect for the people who plan John Schmidt's songs in the WILK now. I think when I go back to BYU, I'm going to start clapping for those who play John Schmidt even though people look at my weirdly.

Here in the mission, we get this letter towards the end of our missions. We call it "the Death Letter." It tells you that they are about to start ordering our plane tickets and all that and it tells us our departure date. I'm scheduled to depart Saturday, November 7. Oh my goodness!!! That's less than 4 months away. It's time to start sprinting to the finish line!!! Here we go!!!

Love you all! Have an amazing week!!!
Sister Sagisi

Zeng JM took us all to TGI Friday's!!!! So GOOD!

My companion and I and our water bottles. Haha.

The Zhang family!

This is a rumbing. Taiwanese burrito!!! :D

I love the mountains in our area!

I went on exchanges with our temple sister, Sister Graham during the typhoon!

Some really large mosquitoes.

My daughter, Sister Akita has grown up!

President and Sis. Jergensen's children! Maddi, Breckon, Daxton.

The South Taipei Zone!

The East Taipei Zone!

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