Sunday, August 2, 2015

Captained by Christ

Who is your Captain? Mine is Christ.

I hope that every can always remember that we must turn our lives over to Christ. That was our theme at Mission Leadership Council this past week. I was truly inspired and Im so grateful for our mission president, President Jergensen and his wife, Sis. Jergensen. They made us Mexican food for lunch. SO Good! I miss it so much. Haha.

This week there was a random thunderstorm. It was so random. And we were soaked in like 10 seconds. But then the sun came out. I think my favorite times to be outside is right after a storm. It smells like rain but the rain already passed and it just feels like a fresh start. Then the sun is shining so bright and the sky is blue. Thats how I feel each Sunday when we go to church and partake of the Sacrament. I have learned to love the Sabbath so much more because of my mission.

In about 4 days I will officially have 3 months left. I. Cant. Believe. It. I love my mission.

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi

Bro. Su and Bro. Huang. They were both baptized in May and they are such amazing examples to me.

Hehe. I just had to take a picture.

Chen Wen Zhong shared his testimony at our ward missionary fireside. He will be getting baptized this week!!!

I love our ward!!! Beitou ward 北投 :)

Exchanges with Sis. Kitchens :)

We had Cafe Rio for lunch at Mission Leadership Conference. I miss Mexican food so much!!! This is the Sis. Tan. Yes, THE Sis. Tan. Love her!

MLC pic!

They got soaked. Elder Boyce and 王長老.

And we did too. Never go anywhere in Taiwan without an umbrella or poncho...

But an hour later your hair dries and the sun comes out :D

Shout out to Sis. Kiana Tibas serving in Arizona. This is Sis. Good!

Ice cream with Sis. Hill :)

​We went ice skating last Monday! Only in Taiwan are helmets and gloves a necessity.

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