Monday, August 17, 2015

A Smile is the Best Cosmetic

So I believe that everyone should wear it. I do. :)

On the MRT, I saw this girl's bag and it was from Benefit Cosmetics. You can always count on Benefit. I love that make-up line. Anywhoos, it said, "Laughter is the best cosmetic, so wear it." I decided to take it and add a little more 'Sis. Sagisi' to it and changed it to "smile." So don't forget to smile everyday!

If you think about miracles that occur everyday, you can't help but to think about how amazing our Heavenly Father is. He is a God of miracles. And if you think about the miracle that is happening at that very moment, there are a billion other miracles happening in the world at that very moment as well. There are more than 85,000 missionaries in the world right now. We missionaries are seeing miracles every single day. If you think about the miracles that occur not only in the lives of missionaries but of the people that we come in contact with, our God loves everyone! He seriously has a plan for everything. He has a grand scheme that we all don't understand. Our little path crosses the path of someone else and later on down the line, perhaps years later, we find out why our paths crossed. And if you think of the millions of paths that are being drawn each day, Heavenly Father seriously knows everything that goes on in the world.

Starting transfer Beitou with Sis. Guo!!!!!!! Yes, we are going eternal!!! That means that we're together for more than 2 transfers now. I start my last transfer soon. SO crazy!!! Have a wonderful week everyone! I love you all!!!

Sister Sagisi

Sis. Ma!!! A year ago she was on her mission and she served in SLC Temple Square. A year ago I was in the area where her mom and cousin lived. I took a picture with her mom and cousin and emailed her. She replied and we've kept in occasional contact through email. In February she had gotten back and I saw her just a few days after at the temple. It was like the coolest meeting! It actually felt more like a reunion. Each time we see each other, it just feels like we're already just really good friends. I love my mission and all the friendships I've made!

My dear Sis. Ioane. It's been about 3 months since we've been together and I miss her a ton. She's now serving in Sis. Ma's ward in Tao 2!!! SO CRAZY!

This is Wu Yi Jia! I served in her ward in Zhongli! Her twin sister who is serving in Hong Kong Mandarin Speaking is now companions with my MTC companion Sis. Jackson. Yi Jia will be going on her mission in November. She'll be serving in the Canada Vancouver Mission!!! :D

There was a Mexican dancing group who came to Taiwan and they are all members. This is Hermana Juarez! She served in Chile and just got back from her mission 5 months ago. Sad to say that I don't know my Spanish anymore. I can totally understand but I can't speak for my life! (Yes, she carries her missionary tag with her everywhere in her bag.) She is a missionary by heart!

More pictures with my Mexicano 朋友 (friends). :) 

Sis. Huntington, Sis. Akita, Sis. Ioane, me, Sis. Bowman, Sis. Sorensen. Zhongli Sisters represent!!!

Last exchange of the transfer with my grandbaby Sis. Komatsu. Found out she moved down to Taidong!

The Beitou District. But missing my companion Sis. Guo. Goodbye to Elder Wang (he finished his mission) and Elder Sumsion (he moved). 

This is mango shave ice. Probably this best thing in the world.

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