Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Everything Looks Better from Above

I've realized that everything looks so much better from above. We were knocking and went up to the 6th floor. When we looked out the window, we just saw one of the most beautiful views of Beitou 北投. It reminds me so much of Kalihi Valley. It reminds me so much of Hawaii. We also went hiking this week. It was part of our Outdoor Zone Conference. We had training while hiking. It was one of the many many highlights of my mission! The hikes here in Taiwan are very very similar to Hawaii. :)

I know that Heavenly Father knows each one of us. He knows everything that we're going through. He knows our needs at this very moment. Last night after visiting with an less active, we had plans to go visit Sis. Lita. We originally wanted to visit her 2 hours earlier but we had to visit someone else. Well, we were getting ready on our bike and I just happened to wave at a lady and her son. When Sis. Guo saw the lady, she noticed she was a former investigator. We ended up sharing a scripture with her. That took about 10 minutes of our time but that's okay because we still ended up visiting Sis. Lita. As we were knocking on her door for about 5 minutes, no one came. But then she pulls up on her moped next to us and she's like, "no one is home!" Then she excitedly tells us, "I'm getting baptized this Saturday!" If we had visited her a little earlier or even 2 hours earlier like we had planned, we would not have been able to find her. She also told us that her phone isn't working so we definitely wouldn't have been able to get in contact with her because she works all throughout the week.

I cried. I just couldn't help but to think how the Lord's hand was in every step of the way. From the time I met her friend at the temple and told her that I was serving here in Beitou, until now. This is a story that I'll remember for the rest of my life. And I'll tell it over and over again. I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to hear the story from beginning to end sometime. :)

Have a wonderful week everyone! I know I will. I'm on the Lord's errand.

Love you all!
Sis. Sagisi

Sis. Liu 劉 took us to eat! Such good food!

Our lunch today! Sis. Zhong came back after finishing her mission in May!

We went on splits with Penny and Sis. Zhong. :)

Sis. Hill and I enjoying some bean curd. 豆花 :)

the 東台北地帶! The East Taipei Zone!

Sis. Hill and Sis. Jex. We were in the MTC together!

The Beitou district. We renamed it Dantou..hahaha. Because we have the Danshui elders with us.

Sis. Huang and I came together! At the time she was born in Beitou. Now I'm in Beitou. So crazy how fast time flies.

Sis. Guo and I on a bridge :)

The bus. Probably the coolest people ever. Our zone is super talented. On the bus ride back, we were just beat boxing, singing, and telling stories the whole way through. The best part was hearing stories from Pres. and Sis. Jergensen. The simple things in life are the best things in life. It just felt like a family road trip.

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