Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Amah in the Tsunami

I'm alive! I made it back from the Tsunami without a scratch! Haha. But I'm so exhausted though. I feel like I just served the extra 6 months had I served 2 years like elders do.

I wish I could share all the many miracles that had happened while in Zhunan. At first I wondered why I was sent to go contacting from 11am-9pm for 3 days straight in Zhunan. I wondered why they sent an old amah missionary, but coming back, I realized why. The tsunami changed my life forever.

To start, here was what the tsunami brought for the Zhunan Zone. Just a reminder, this was 3 days.
106 New investigators.
34 of them have baptismal dates.
227 street lessons.
153 Book of Mormons placed.

The Lord's hand was there in Zhunan and I know that we missionaries didn't do anything. I can't even express all of the amazing things I had learned had I not been blessed to participate in it. Throughout the whole tsunami, my companion and I, Sis. Beeston just kept talking about all the things we were learning on/because of the tsunami. I want to share that I know the tsunami was a more a benefit to me than I was to the tsunami because of all the things that I had gained and learned.

I want to share a funny story. I hope you get a laugh out of it.
On Wednesday Sis. Beeston and I decided to go to a place that the Zhunan sisters would probably have no time to go to because of the location of it. We planned our day around that area and Sis. Beeston asked if we should come back to the city for dinner. Silly me...I told her, "oh not to worry! I'm sure we'll find a convenience store and we can just buy our dinner there." Haha. Boy was I wrong. When dinner came, we asked someone on the side of the road where we could go to get dinner. They said the nearest convenience store was 15 minutes away but there was a noodle place 3 minutes away. It looked safe, so we had dinner there. But wow, we were literally in the middle of nowhere. But we found the person the Lord needed us to find in the middle of nowhere.

The Lord's hand is everywhere. You just have to be able to recognize it. I hope everyone will have a wonderful week and be able to recognize the Lord's hand more clearly in your lives.

Sis. Sagisi
This was a miracle. Someone got of his scooter and gave us mochi.

It like rained the whole time.

Contacting in Zhunan!

We went finding along this road. Hahaha. Just kidding. We did ride along this road this.

The view of Zhunan. Whoever finds the skyscraper wins! (there are none).

This is a famous actress. She does stage performance and musical theater. From what my companion, Sis. Guo, described, her performances are more than $100 American$ per ticket. We found her in a small little vegetarian place. It was so funny because Sis. Guo was too shy to ask her. She said that actors and actresses here don't where any bright colors or makeup out in public because they need to be able to distinguish who they are on stage and off stage. We still don't know her name. Haha. Sis. Guo forgot it.

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