Monday, September 28, 2015

Barbecue Day!

It smells like BBQ! You know that bon fire/barbecue smell? The air in Taiwan pretty much smells like that. Why? Because it's mid-autumn festival. Yay! It was actually yesterday. It's really cool because families just get together and just barbecue. It's a day of families, which is so great.

We have a lot of pineapple pastries and it's a tradition around this time. I think I've eaten at least 10. Haha. And we still have more. I love Taiwan.

There's a typhoon coming in tonight. It's supposed to be really strong.

I love Elder Richard G. Scott and I am so happy that he finally gets to be with his wife Jeanene. We weren't able to hear him speak this past conference but I looked back on his talk last October. He talked about tools that Heavenly Father has given us. We have prayer, scripture study, family home evening, and temple attendance. I love the promise blessing that he gives. He says that as we use these tools, the more Satan wants to target us but less is his ability to do so.

Have a wonderful week everyone! I am so excited for General Conference!!! week. We have to wait for translations. BUT everyone else please enjoy conference and I don't want to be receiving any spoiler emails on who our apostles are or anything like that (Meihua...thanks, haha).

Love you all!
Sister Sagisi

The main point of this picture is the temple. But we were able to go with our dear Cui JM to do baptisms.

This pot is so cute.

We had this parade going on. Haha.

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