Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm Really Going to Miss Stinky Tofu

So I'm really going to miss stinky tofu...

We went to the temple today! We also had interviews with President this week!

Chen Hui Mu passed his baptismal interview!!! He will be getting baptized this Saturday at 5pm. It was so funny because at church all he kept telling everyone was that he was getting baptized on Saturday at 5pm. It's been a long journey. We met him in July and at the time his father just passed away so he couldn't do anything until August. And since August, we've been visiting with him at his home, teaching him the gospel and watching him come unto Christ. He quit tea and smoking through the Lord's help. In his baptismal interview, he told Elder Boyce that he'd try to be baptized into Jehovah's Witness many times before but he couldn't because he couldn't give up smoking. But I know that it's because this is the Church of Christ that he was able to do it.

Our investigator, Zheng Yi Ting, was a referral through the phone system!!! She will be getting baptized on 10/31! Two lessons ago she said she didn't know that God was her loving Heavenly Father. But after this past week, she shared an experience she had with the Book of Mormon, which answered her prayer and her challenge with her co-workers. The Spirit was there and she just cried as she shared this scripture with us. Immediately after that, I asked her the first baptismal interview question whether or not she knew that God was her loving Heavenly Father. She said with a firm answer, "yes, I believe." It was amazing to see how the Lord answers prayers!!! She is committed to her date and we are too!

Love you all!!!

Sorry this is so short. I'm praying for my family in the Philippines!

Sister Sagisi

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