Monday, December 8, 2014

I Do Not Doubt

I just want to say, happy P-day!!! As I thought about what has happened these few days, one scripture comes to mind: Alma 56:48 "[I] do not doubt [my mission president] knew it." I am so humbled to know that the Lord knows me personally and He knows my needs. I can testify of this truth with so much more power now as I bear testimony that God is our loving Heavenly Father on the streets. So something happened this week to my trainee and I'm not training right now. But Pres. Day said that perhaps in 1-2 weeks when the new missionaries come. I knew that even though I'm not training right now, I was supposed to be at the trainer meeting. I knew that I needed to hear everything that was shared/said at the training meeting on Thursday. I also know that in retrospect, I am in the PERFECT situation right now. I need Sister Smith's help and I am so happy. Happy in every aspect of the work. I know that when she leaves, I'll be so much more ready for what lies ahead.

Sister Smith is helping me so much to get this area in order. As we were having WPS, I realized that so many things need work here and I wouldn't have been able to figure it out without her help. I am learning SO MUCH from her!  I think that the only time I had to rest was during the Sacrament but other than that, we were just busy bees. But it was a wonderful Sunday!

Liu Mei Ling JM made it to the waters of baptism on Tuesday. She has such great faith and she is such a strong woman. Both of her children have mental disabilities and she brought both of them to her baptismal service. But it was the smoothest baptismal service that I've ever been to. If it weren't for the ward members and leadership, it would've been crazy. But we had ward members helping her with her children that she was able to just focus on the Spirit. When she bore her testimony, everyone could just feel her happiness. She expressed how since she was a young girl, she never had the opportunity to look into other religions. And now she was the opportunity and she is so happy that she could find a religion that she believes in.

Saturday was a day of hai hao (okay) finding. We didn't really find any solid investigators until of course, the last hour of the day. We had gone to the chapel because we were supposed to have our weekly Scripture Reading Class. But because there was no sister there and it was only RCLA brethren, we were on our way to our backup plan street. Well, we grabbed our bikes and were ready to bike. But then this man comes up to us and tells us that he's been wanting to go to our church for a really long time but he just doesn't know when or how he can go. He also says that he always sees missionaries in the chapel but he's never talked to them. We find out that his name is Zhong DX and he was a Buddhist before but this year he converted to Christianity and was baptized by sprinkling water. We told him about church and talked to him about baptism and about Priesthood Authority. We set a baptismal date with him and Sis. Smith and I felt prompted to set it for 12/20! We told him that we'd wait at the doors of the chapel for him the next day. He told us that he's really coming and that he was serious about it. We also told him about how God planned this for him because we were leaving the chapel only because our class got cancelled. And then he told us that he wasn't planning on walking past our chapel. He was actually planning on turning around the corner. But he had a feeling to keep walking and then he ended up talking to us. He seriously was a miracle!

Yesterday we met with him after church and shared the Restoration and he confessed that he smokes. He said that he tried quitting before but it was really hard. But he's such a humble man and he asked a lot of great questions. We shared "He is the Gift" using our peikes phone and he expressed that now he understands the meaning of Christmas! He thought it was just a western thing all this time. We have another set up with him this Tuesday. I have never met an investigator like this! I'm so excited to see his progression.

Sister Zippro went home! Sister Lin moved to Zhubei. Now it's just me and Sister Smith!

Love you all!
Love Sister Sagisi!!!

(sorry pictures next week!)

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