Monday, December 29, 2014

The Best Is Yet to Come

Christmas week just came and went but I enjoyed every second of it. Skyping my family was the best! So happy to see them! What a special opportunity to preach His gospel on Christmas!!!

I want to share a Christmas Eve miracle! After coming back from the Christmas Zone Conference on Christmas Eve, we had plans to go English/He is the Gift Boarding at the train station. We didn't really have much success to be honest. But then I see this American swiftly walking past us and out of no where I say "Merry Christmas!" She automatically goes, "Merry Christmas!!" while turning around. After a few seconds of looking at us, her face just lights up and it's as if she recognizes us. Her name is Sandra and she's actually lived all over the world. One of the many places include Utah, where she's met with missionaries and worked for many LDS families. She hasn't been baptized but she really should be! She told us that she had just come from a Catholic Christmas service and explained that she needed to worship and thank God somehow so she decided to attend their service. She further explained that when she was planning to come here to Taiwan, many people have told her that she can easily find a church here, which never happened. She just kept saying that it was a miracle that she found us there! We told her that if she wanted, we could meet her at the exact same place on Sunday and walk with her to church. She excitedly agreed. Because she didn't have a phone, we acted solely on faith that she would be there. And what do you know? We went to the train station yesterday and there she was standing in the rain in a dress with her winter jacket on waiting for us. She stayed all three hours for church and I know that she loves God. She just needs that testimony of the Restoration for herself. She is looking forward to coming again when she has a day off.

2014 came and went. But 2015 is on its way. What are your New Years resolutions for this new year?

Our Mission has a saying, "Faith is the power. Obedience is the price. Love is the motive. The Spirit is the key. Christ is the reason." Whatever your goals are this new year, I invite everyone to center their lives more on Christ and the strive everyday to make Christ our reason for everything we do. We can have the spirit of CHRISTmas all year round. I'm excited to continue to be more like Him this new year.

Sister Sagisi

Shout out to the Garcia Family for the Santa Hats! I'm sorry, Sis. Roy's name tag fell off her hat!

Our Senior Missionaries singing "You are My Sunshine" for us! Love them!

Merry Christmas, love the Zhongli/Pingzhen Sisters!!! Sister Akita, Bowman, Smith, and Sagisi!

Flashing our best Christmas tools.

Merry Christmas! Love #teamSakita

A rainy, cold...night. All smiles nonetheless :)

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