Sunday, December 14, 2014

On Her Way!

She's coming! She's coming! My baby/trainee is coming! Her name is Sister Akita. I'll email more about her in my upcoming email. I think I owe you all pictures due to last week. So I'll focus on those pictures in this week's email.

Here's a part of my letter to President Day:
I am so happy and I am so excited for Sister Akita to come!!! As time goes on and on, it just keeps feeling more and more right that this was supposed to happen. I was talking to Sister Smith Saturday night about how this is all the Lord's timing. He truly is the Master Planner. So I just told her about how when the September missionaries hadn't come yet, why hadn't she just gone with Sister Smith in Wanda and I come here to Zhongli with Sis. Zippro since she and the other Sister Smith would have been training anyway and I would have just stayed here anyway. But as we've talked about our experience that we've had when we had those three weeks waiting for the September missionaries, it was all in the Lord's plan all along! I LOVE being able to look back on how the Lord really has His hand in all things! I know that in the moment, we don't know His reasons, but if we are patient and we just take what we've been given and make the best of it, we slowly realize His meaning behind all things. I think that's one of the best things in life. And I can't wait for the Millennium (which was Gospel Principles topic yesterday) because all truths will be revealed to us.

I haven't yet talked about how we've been using The Gift in our missionary efforts. But it's been so great here in Zhongli. We've had a wonderful idea of going "He is The Gift" Boarding!!! We have so many cards and we have a goal of sharing them all with everyone. There are so many people who are willing to watch the video with us. One miracle happened yesterday. It was a rough day of contacting, when finally we run into this guy named James. At first, he was just ready to reject us because he was a Buddhist but after a little nudge, we got him to watch "He is the Gift" with us. He told us after that he was very touched. After sharing our testimony, we invited him to learn about The Gift, Jesus Christ. His response just gave me an overwhelming feeling of the Spirit. He said, "I will. I will learn about The Gift." What a miracle!!!

Another miracle came shortly after this. While biking home, we had a lesson with He DX. I passed him first because he looked a little "strange." But then I had an urge to turn back around, however, I didn't listen to it. Then I look back and see Sis. Smith pass him too, however, she turned around and called after him. I am so grateful for companions because I would not be able to do This Work alone! Well, he was such a humble man. He has a Christian background and kept telling us about how his pastor says not to read the Book of Mormon. However, we showed him the picture of Christ in the Book of Mormon and shared 2 Nephi 25:26. It changed everything!

I am learning so much right now. I love it! There are so many things that I need to start implementing and so many things that I want to start trying. Many times this week, we've found our success just when we were about to give up. But if we just hold through and just really follow the tiny tiny promptings of the Spirit, we'll be lead to where we need to go. Often times, our miracles have come through deciding to go somewhere. Then when we go there, we take another step into the dark and fall again. But eventually, at the very very end, we find our reason of why we were brought there.

Love you all!!!
Sister Sagisi

The Zhongli District :) We went out for ice cream.

In Taibei with Sister Smith. It's SOO COLD!

Merry Christmas :)

Lunch with Sis. Li and Sis. Huang

Liu JM was baptized!!!!

I ate this koala chocolate that our bishop's children made for us!

A turkey pinata for English Class activity was the best decision ever!

I baby sat Sis. Jensen :)

The trainers...Sister Thornley, I have no idea what she's doing.

Merry Christmas all!

Shopping ;)


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