Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas from Taiwan!

Merry merry Christmas!!!

I get to spend Christmas with my baby, Sister Akita!!! She's here! She got here on Thursday and we picked her up on Friday from the Mission Office. We were sooo pampered and spoiled. So because she and Sister Bowman are the only ones that came to Taiwan, we didn't have a Transfer Meeting. But we did have a Trainer/Trainee meeting in the comfort of President Day's home with the Assistants and Temple Sisters. After lunch, Pres. Day drove us back to our area in the Mission Van. Us, four sisters and Pres. Day. It was like a road trip!! But before we headed for Zhongli, we stopped by the Grand Hotel, which is what Pres. Day does with all missionaries that get on island. We all go to the lower steps of the Grand Hotel and read the re-dedicatory prayer of the Taiwan Taipei mission. It's a spiritual experience for everyone. Then he allows us to find a quiet place to offer our own dedicatory prayer unto the Lord. But in my case, I said my re-dedicatory prayer. Who gets to do that twice? It was seriously a tender mercy from the Lord to allow me to re-dedicate everything to Him and remember why I'm here on my mission. Afterwards, President allowed us to take a look inside the Grand Hotel! It was magical and beautiful!

Sister Akita was born in Hawaii but she moved to St. George, Utah for high school. She went to SOAR in 2013 and we know like the same people. It was meant to be!!! Haha. 

Yesterday at church, I heard one of the most touching talks (at least now I can understand them! Yay!) But this sister recalled some things that she learned while she was on her mission and she gave me so many insights that just brought tears to my eyes.
-When I look at my name badge, there are two names on it, my name and Jesus Christ's name. I only have this special privilege to have my name next to Jesus Christ's name for these few 18 months. What a privilege! When I talk to people, they automatically look at my name badge and they don't even say my name. They say, "Oh, Jidutu..." (which means Christian) and you know how happy that makes me? I am a representative of Jesus Christ. This is a sacred opportunity for such a short while.
-When people reject me, it's not because they don't like me personally. They reject Jesus Christ because that's who I represent. And Christ was rejected so many times in His lifetime.
-These 18 months is really just like the Missionary Training Center. The real mission ends when I go back to God's presence.

Merry Christmas everyone! Don't forget to look at and Share The Gift!!! I love sharing The Gift with everyone! I can't wait to Skype my family in a few days!

Sister Sagisi

Me and my baby on her first Sunday at Church

For P-Day last week, I took apart this bunk bed with this screwdriver. Tough work...

Me and Sister Smith! We were only companions for a short 2 weeks but it was like summer all the time with her. 

This is how we do...cramped in the back of the train while on our way to pick up our baby.

Our first picture! #teamSakita

Everyone needs a temple picture with their baby.

In the mission van...I cut President Day off...

On the lower steps of the Grand Hotel.

She's so cute. That's the grand hotel in the back.


So cool!

Merry Christmas from inside the Grand Hotel!

Our ward party. So much food!!! Love you all!

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