Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Promise We Aren't Robots

Apparently last night, a potential investigator called our phone 7 times in the middle of the night. I only remember getting up once and that was because my companion was complaining. Then I fell back asleep. When the alarm went off this morning, Sis. Guo told me what happened and she looked SO TIRED. I don't think she had a very good sleep last night. I just laughed so hard and I'm still laughing because I slept through it all.

Last last week, we had a special experience. We went door knocking and found this one guy. When we told him we were missionaries he just started acting so weird. When we prayed with him, he turned his back on us as we said the prayer. When we invited him to pray, we told him we could turn our backs too so that he didn't have to feel so weird. After about 10 seconds the door slams right behind us. It was the weirdest thing. Then after going back on the street, we find the Book of Mormon on the ground. We realized that he had tossed it from the balcony of the 5th floor. The amazing this was that it was still in good condition! No dents or anything. I love my companion so much! We were able to laugh about it (not the fact that he threw the Book of Mormon) but the fact that it had 'floated' down the middle of the street! We were able to give that same Book of Mormon away to a father and his son later that day.

I wish you all could meet my companion! We are so alike in so many ways and she is just soo funny! We spend half our time laughing. The other day, I was holding on to the rail in the MRT and she goes, "Woah, you are so strong. I'm sure if any man messes with us, you can protect us." She saw my biceps (my non-existent biceps) and we just start laughing.

Elder L. Tom Perry has said: “The gospel is centered on the Atonement of our Lord and Savior. The Atonement provides the power to wash away sins, to heal, and to grant eternal life. All the imponderable blessings of the Atonement can be given only to those who live the principles and receive the ordinances of the gospel—faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Our great missionary message to the world is that all mankind is invited to be rescued and to enter the fold of the Good Shepherd, even Jesus Christ.”

Elder Perry adds the following: “Our missionary message is strengthened by the knowledge of the Restoration. We know that God speaks to His prophets today, just as He did anciently. We also know that His gospel is administered with the power and authority of the restored priesthood. No other message has such great eternal significance to everyone living on the earth today. All of us need to teach this message to others with power and conviction. It is the still, small voice of the Holy Ghost that testifies through us of the miracle of the Restoration, but first we must open our mouths and testify. We must warn our neighbors.”

We are not robots. The Lord has called each of us out here to preach His gospel. He needs our individual testimonies. He needs our individual minds and our spirit. He needs us to preach through the Holy Ghost.

We had dinner with the 江 family (Jiang). Bro. 江 is the new second counselor in the Bishopric. He was sustained at church yesterday.Their daughter is on a mission in 台中(Taizhong the other mission in Taiwan) and the son in the picture is preparing to serve in that mission this August.

This is Niki. I went on splits with her yesterday and we went contacting together. Her english is really good and it's so funny because we tell each other that we exchanged ethnicities. She said she's the Filipino and I'm the Taiwanese. Haha.

Sis. Aldous and I went on exchanges. My first passion fruit drink of the season! She is such a diligent missionary!

My companion and I :)

Sis. Van Tonder was my first exchange!!! It was the first time since the MTC where I've talked to her for more than 5 minutes! Haha.

​I love Beitou!!!!

I love you all!
Sister Sagisi

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