Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Open Your Mouth

It has been a really short week. Haha. I feel like I just emailed! I think it's because this week just went by so quickly after the temple.

There has been many miracles here in Pingzhen. I know that the Lord just puts people in our path and that as we open our mouths to talk with everyone, we take part in declaring His gospel. We have seen miracles from opening our mouths. Why is opening our mouths so powerful? To me, I think it's because it allows others to know who we are and that there is power in word. That is something that I've been learning lately. There truly is power in word and as authorized servants of God, we must open our mouths. I've been reading in the book of "Acts" of the Apostles through the Holy Spirit, I'v been learning so much from ancient missionaries such as Paul and Steven. It's the Spirit that does the work but we really have to open our mouths.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Transfers are this week! I'm not too sure what will happen but I'm ready for anything. :) It's all for the Lord.

Sister Sagisi

We got qing'd to an all you can eat steakhouse with Fan DX because Elder Whitlock is going back to America this week! Fan DX was also the one who bought me a cake for my birthday!

This is Lily, the social worker at the Nursing Home we do service at. She is so awesome and loves the elderly she works with. I know that she loves her job and loves all those she takes care of.

My first mango smoothie of the season!!!

We went to throw pottery today! Yes, that's Sister Bowman!!! We went to go hang out with her and her companion, Sis. Xiao today.

Sis. Xiao and I throwing our stuff.

Sisters!!! Sister Xiao, Sis. Bowman, Sis. Ioane, Sis. Sorenson, Sis. Parkin, and I at Yingge!

My dear companion, Sis. Ioane and I. :)

Sis. Huang and her parents, Xu Baba and Xu mama took us to go eat pasta today for Pday. They were also the ones who allowed us to Skype at their house. :)

I remember when I first got to Pingzhen and met this amazing family! Li Peng family. Love them all!

​Yesterday, You DX invited us over to his house to have dinner. They were the ones who invited us over to Skype for Christmas. :) He is also our ward mission leader and is an amazing example to us all.

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