Monday, May 4, 2015

"Forever Cheering Us On"

Thank you Mom!

Happy (soon to be) Mother's Day everyone! I am so excited to Skype with the family next week Monday. It'll be this Skype session and after that I get to see them in person. Oh, how time flies. I still remember Skyping on Christmas. Also, next week we'll be going to the Taibei temple, meaning I will be emailing on Wednesday. I can't wait to go to the temple and receive peace, strength, and revelation.

So I forgot to mention a miracle from the week before. It's a miracle about FOLLOWING UP! :) Well we got to a park, as we had planned, and it seemed like everyone that we attempted to talk to either turned and walked the other direction or just ignored us. Then Sis. Ioane spots an old couple sitting at some tables. So we go and talk to them and introduce ourselves. We state who we are and our purpose. They invited us to sit down and share more. We found out that the husband was visiting his wife in the hospital and because the park is nearby to the hospital, many inpatients go there to take walks.

We had a lesson with them about the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. We invited them to learn more and they told us about their religious background and how busy they were. They also lived really far away in Guanyin near the ocean. Nonetheless, we were able to get their phone number and invited them to read the Book of Mormon. We sent the referral that night through the phone system. Turns out the referral went to the Zhongli sisters in our apartment. She called them and found out that the wife left the hospital two days later. I quote, "I read the book that Xia JM gave me and two days later I got better and left the hospital. I also read it with my friend and she ended up getting better too and left. So I decided to leave the book at the hospital so others can read it too and get better!" I ended up following up with her myself and she told me the exact same thing with so much excitement in her voice! I invited her to have missionaries visit her and give her a new copy so she can have one for herself and she accepted! Well now she knows the literal POWER in the Book of Mormon.

Have a wonderful week everyone! I know I will. :) I sure do love this work.

Sister Sagisi

This is how we English Board. This is my fourth transfer being English Unit Leader now. We had 71 students in attendance last week! Yay! I think it's mainly due to this...Haha. Thank you Elder Ploeg and Elder Robinson.

For Meihua...Shark Bites Toast on a p-Day.

​Sister Sorenson and Sister Parkin are so cute!

​Cut my hair for the first time since the MTC. Yee!

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